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Whiskey Scars

Whiskey was 
the medication 
used to dull pain 

When the bottle 
didn't provide 

He shared 
his agony 

an attempt to 
dissipate his 

Punishment for those
whose pain was not
the same as his

The spread of agony 
simply resulted in 
unseen scars

Whiskey Scars 

The world
couldn't see 
my sharing
the lie

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson
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Dragons in the Dark


My dragons burrow deep and sleep the sleep of the evil.  They lie in wait.  They make sure I have my defenses down; that I am once again comfortable in my own skin.

My peripheral vision sees the shadow of these beasts occasionally as they melt into the background.  I try as I might to catch them before they are loose, but they are too clever.

These dragons will creep into my room and sit at the foot of my bed, watching as I slumber.  I have fooled them only once; feigning sleep as their foul breath assaults my senses.  The stench of their evil is almost overwhelming.

I have awakened on many moonless nights, sure I would see them.  My heart is in my throat as I sweep the room.  I must be sure to catch them if they linger.  All that lingers is the cold sweat that penetrates my gown and their stench.  Sleep will elude me this night, for the dragons have already started their assault.

With the dawn, I greet the day with trepidation.  How will the dragons manifest this time?  Will I find myself once again in the dark?  Will I be alone with my dragons, with nothing more than hope to see my way back into the light?

As I lock the front door and walk down the street, I can feel the dragons’ breath on my neck….

Amazing image found on Google Images.  Credit to the wonderful artist that created it.  

Copyright (C) 2014 Penny Wilson All Rights Reserved

*This piece was written about my struggle over the years with Depression. I’m in a good place these days, thank God.  But my mind has been on the ongoing struggle that many have with Mental Illness.  The Struggle IS Real.  For Help and articles that I’ve compiled and written on the subject, please visit my Mental Health Help Page HERE.

Please also see my recent post, asking for your help with much needed resources, HERE. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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#NaPoWriMo – Day 8 -Darkness

from the darkness 
of a hollowing 

and desperate

This lifeless 
born of an 
aching emptiness

The broken pieces
you left 

To seek 
the light 

Copyright (C) 2021 Penny Wilson

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

*I know this is quite dark. I was having a hard time finding 
inspiration. For a prompt, I pulled out a book, opened it and 
just started writing down words or phrases that caught my eye. 
This poem is what came from that. hmmmm...  

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Mere existence
the eyes

weeping their color
worn steps

Recoiling from
to diminish

has become 


Copyright (C) 2020 Penny Wilson 
* All is well, my friends. This is just something that 
I've been plucking at for weeks. It finally feels 
complete. A bit dark, but I hope you like my creative attempt.


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This is a piece from 2016. It refers to the Unseen demons we all battle. When I came across this picture, which I thought was amazing, I thought she would be a perfect representation of that warrior. Enjoy. ❤

Penny Wilson Writes


U – Unseen

Head up, shoulders back.

The water is a bitter drink, the air, like daggers tear at her heart.

She pushes back; those unseen dragons weigh heavily.

She has the resolve of the Ancients.  Her battle will forge the way.

Her daughter and her daughter after that will also chase the darkness.

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Into the Light

* This is a little something that I wrote back when things had been particularly dark for me, but I was able to break free from that darkness at last. I hope you enjoy! ❤

Penny Wilson Writes

Hope brushed away the cobwebs.

The demons emerging, once more pushed back.

The spiral stopped; my feet on the ground.

I move forward with tentative steps; the light caressing my cheek.

The sun a blessing; awakening from the gloom that had my heart encased.

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