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Premature Murder

I am being dragged  My feet splayed out behind me scuffing the tips of my boots  A small cloud of dust encompasses me as I hold on for all I am worth   There are days when I have control … Continue reading

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Dark Caress

Daylight brushes the shadows aside   My ebony shield is gone   The light of day exposes my wounds   The world sees

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Dark Heart #writephoto – Crow

**This is in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt.  You can find out all about the fun on her page HERE.   Dark Heart — A heart dark as night You cut to the quick With a tongue Sharp like a … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Mists

** This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt that you can find out about Here. The mist lay across the valley like a shroud.  Although the sun was up, there was no warmth.  Its glow was weak, like … Continue reading

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I always knew there was something Dark in you.  Then the day came when you revealed your true self. You didn’t see me hidden in the dark as I followed you. Your rituals, rehearsed and practiced millions of times.  Would … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

It surprises me what ends up on the page when I start writing.  Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind and other times I don’t.  The cursor takes over.  I’m just along for the ride. The feeling is intoxicating … Continue reading

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U – Unseen

U – Unseen Head up, shoulders back. The water is a bitter drink, the air, like daggers tear at her heart. She pushes back; those unseen dragons weigh heavily. She has the resolve of the Ancients.  Her battle will forge … Continue reading

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