Happiest Day In my Life

 I was looking at participating in a writing contest where you write about the happiest day of your life.

Could you really tell someone what THE happiest day in your life has been?  For me there have been many.

The day I got my drivers’ license.  The birth of my children.  My marriage to husband #1, or was it #2?  Maybe it was to husband #3.  hmmm…

I can remember a day, walking through the woods.  It was summertime and the sky was blue, the sun was warm and the breeze raised just the slightest of  goose flesh on my arms.  I was young and in love.

Was this THE happiest day of my life?

Or was it when I was in the arms of a man that loved and adored me, feeling the highs that only come when real love is included with the lovemaking.

Happiness is fleeting.  Our lives are filled with ups and downs.  I’ve had countless of these moments.  To pick just one is impossible.

Happiness is dished out in tiny dessert dishes, not on serving platters.  It’s the tiny moments in life.  It’s the day your child learns to tie his shoes.  It’s getting your high school diploma.  It’s a sweet kiss from your spouse of 30 years.

If you are looking for Happiness to be this big piece of your life, you are going to be terribly disappointed.

The ups and downs in our lives IS our life.  The tiny Moments of happiness are the cherry on top.

Cherish the moments.  This is Happiness.

Rusty Knight

It had been so cold and alone, those days in the dark.

There was a sadness on her soul and also in her heart.

She looked to the stars, the moon and the sun.

Warmth had turned it’s back, she thought she was done.

A Knight appeared before her and reached out to take her hand.

He was unlike any other in this unforgiving land.

His eyes shone bright, through the armor of rust.

He was covered with honor, love and trust.

The armored arms enveloped her; strong but soft and warm.

She was safe, she was safe, she would come to no harm.

She looked up into the eyes of the Rusty Knight’s eyes of green.

Her soul was being cared for, like it had never been.

He said “Take my hand M’lady, for treasures are lain before you.”

“Treasures more precious than diamonds.  Your soul to be born anew.”

“Your soul in my care will be loved adored and cherished.

Let no dragon cross my path or it is he who will perish.”

She laid her heart at his feet and trembling, took his hand.

Her future was in his eyes, her past now a wasteland.

Beautiful artwork found on Google Images by Berncore on deviantART