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Backstory Development

Hello!  I have let my writing slide for several weeks now.  Granted, I’ve been busy with the house hunt.  But when I don’t write, I feel… guilty.  I also feel empty.  Like there is a piece of me that’s missing.  So I recognize that I have this Need to write.

I’ve had a WIP for several years.  You may have seen me mention it here and there in posts.  I’ve started this book over from scratch 3 TIMES!!   I actually think that I may start it from scratch again.  ….sigh.   I know, crazy.  Right?

What keeps me coming back to this same story is the Meat of it.  The Heart of it.  THAT is the story worth telling here.  The rest of it is all crap.

The Backstory.

I read articles about character development.  I’ve read that if you don’t care about your characters, no one else will either.  If their lives are not interesting, why will anyone want to read your book?  If I’m reading along and the story bores me, I put the book down!  I may or may not pick it up again.

So here are my questions:  How do you develop the backstory of your characters?  Do you have a process in place that you use?  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!  ❤ ❤ ❤  

Thanks, as always, for the help, support, and love I received from each of you! Penny 


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Character Development


“Oh, Geeze!  She’s at it again!” said Tall Dark Man.

“I know!  I thought the last time was the worst!  There’s no telling what she’ll come up with this time!”  cried Small, Frail, Woman.  “I found my husband’s body at the foot of the cellar steps!”

*click, click, click, clickitty click, click, click, clickitty click, click

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