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My time for writing and blogging disappeared half way through the week, but I wanted to do a post. Hey, why don’t I talk about my books?! So here is a list of books with their blurbs in order of publication: Seasons of Imagination Trent P. McDonald’s Seasons of Imagination contains an eclectic mix of […]

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Make Those Books Work!

So what do we do with All those Books?  You know what I’m talking about.  There are the ones on the nightstand (like in the picture above) that are waiting to be read.  There are the ones on the book shelf shelf that need to be read, or they are too precious to turn loose.  Then there are the ones that we need to pass along, donate or whatever, but we have not gotten around to doing this.  So what do we do with all of these?  I say PUT THEM TO WORK!

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Cleaning house

I mentioned in a previous post that I could not seem to get interested in reading anything.  I decided that i needed a fresh start.  The stack of books in the picture above used to be on my nightstand next to my bed.  My To Be Read Pile.

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Reading Habits

My reading habits have changed a lot over the years.  When I was a kid, I read All. The. Time.  Every chance I got, I had my nose in a book.  After I grew up and moved away from home, I still read quite a bit, but not to the extent I did as a kid.

I seem to go through phases where I read a lot and then I don’t read at all.  Right now, it’s like NOTHING holds my attention.  Or I just cannot get interested in a book.  They ALL bore me!  Craziness!

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Books, Books, Books!

My Dear, Dear, sweet friends, PLEASE stop giving me fabulous books to read!  Dear, writing community, will I ever catch up?  Dear Self, Please, Please Stop buying books!! 🙂

I have a terrible addiction.  I know I share this addiction with many of you.  When I’m in the grocery store, I have to be sure to NOT go down the aisle were the magazines and books are at.  I tell myself, “I’ll just look at the covers and see what’s new.”  Female authors are really hot right now (yay us!) and I like to see what’s hot, what’s new, etc.  I love looking at the cover art.  After all, some day I will have a book in print.

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Works in Progress

 Please check out my new page!  Works In Progress!

This is a little sneak peek into other things that are on the horizon for me.

Please note that these things are still in their infancy.  So names and content may change.

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Let me know what you think!  Thanks!

A Trip to the Library

I’m sitting on the floor, deeply engrossed in a book on Witchcraft.  The city library will be closing in 20 minutes.  I need to hurry.

This book has me mesmerized.  Spells and incantations.  I must have it.  I add it to the stack.

I stand and look down at my stack of books.  There are 12 of them.  I pick the stack up with a little grunt.

On the 2nd floor of the library, way back in the back;  I discovered this isle I had not seen before!  I have been pouring over the books on the shelves.  Magic and witchcraft!  How titillating, how forbidden!  Some of these books are old and yellowed.  This is all the more exciting to me!  Words from the ancients!

Carefully looking around the large stack in my arms, I walk down the steps and toward the front counter.

I’m 10 years old and it’s summertime.  School is out and I have spent the last couple of hours on this beautiful summer day in the library.

I love the summer months.  This means that I can read as much as I want to without the interruption of school.  The 12 books I am loaded down with will probably not last me a week.

But not all of them are for reading.  Some of the books are just for browsing; like the one on witchcraft.  I also have a big picture book on travel in Italy.

The other books are for reading.  Real reading.  I have a variety.  One is a biography on Abraham Lincoln.  One is a fanciful fiction about a little girl by Beverly Cleary, a favorite author.  There are others too that will be devoured this week.  I average reading about a book a day in the summertime.

I set my books up on the counter and present my library card to the lady working behind it.  She smiles at me, a familiar face here.  Quickly, the books are checked out and I happily walk out into the sunshine.

I hurry home so I can once again study and pick over my selection and decide which one to devour first.


Mom grumbles at me and tells me to go play outside.  Remember “outside”?  I do spend a lot of time outside and my skin turns as brown as bread in the summer sun.  But I’m drawn to a quiet spot to lose my self between the pages of a book.

A new book, was a new adventure waiting to happen.  I would read the book cover, a tease of what waited within the pages.  Nothing was more exciting!





Writing about Writing

I find that my time here on WordPress has become therapeutic.  Those of us that write have this inner voice that pushes us to the keyboard.  I do.  For me it’s a need, an itch I must scratch.

What I write here doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and there are times that I am surprised by the people that still follow me.  (kind souls)

What I write here is an extension of me.  It’s a way to express myself and to tell my story.  MY story.

Writing affords me the freedom we mortals do not normally get in the real world.  In my writing world, I have the power to do anything I wish.   I can fly, sing, die and rise again.  People are created, perish and do as I please them to do.

As a child I devoured books.  I always had my nose in a book.  It was my entertainment.  It was my way to travel and experience the things I knew would never really happen to me in the real world.

I think this love of reading and love of books (thank you Mom), is why Writing is so important to me.  I am now the one on the other side of that book cover, providing the escape, the entertainment and the fantasy to any who care to look.

Those of you close to me, I do want to caution you.  What you see here is written For Me.  If you don’t like it, fine.  I didn’t write it for you.  🙂

This post has taken shape in a way that I did not expect.  It always surprises me at what actually ends up on the page.  I started out thinking about going down a very different path.  But that’s alright.  That “different path” can be another post at another time!


The Ruined Book

I had a house fire about 30 years ago.  I lost most of my possessions in the fire.  One thing you are not told about a house fire is that there are other things besides the fire that will ruin things.

Smoke, for one thing.  A good portion of my clothes survived the flames, but no matter what I tried, I could not get the smell of smoke out of them.  They all had to be disposed of.

The other thing that ruined a lot of things was water.  The firemen, God bless them, had to hose down everything.  The water ruined every book I owned.  Being a lover of the written word, I owned a lot of books.  All gone.

There is one book from that fire that I still own.  I cannot bring myself to part with it.  It’s a bible that my Mom gave me when I was in my twenties.

The outside of the bible is smoke stained.  The pages are swollen from the water.  Many of the pages are stuck together and would tear if you tried to separate them.  The pages are also wrinkled and water stained.  The pages are no longer the crisp white that they once were.

This is one of those Big Family Bibles that used to sit on the coffee table in most homes in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

As a kid, I would take this book and pour over the big glossy pictures inside.  I loved art as a child and studied the greats.  Leonardo, Picasso, Rembrandt, etc.  The paintings on these pages were fascinating to me.  The realism and beauty just captured my imagination like nothing else.

Of course the Written Word was also a fascination to me.  I would read different passages from Revelations and just quake from fear.   Around Christmas time I would also enjoy reading about the birth of Christ.

Growing up, I learned to read and developed a love of reading very early.  I thank my mother for that.  She had me reading long before I started school.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but there is a family story that I learned most of my alphabet from the back of a Prince Albert Tobacco Can.

We were dirt poor growing up.  So books were very important to me.  I could travel and experience things through books that would never happen in my real life.  I had a great reverence for books.  The first time I ever used one of those Book Drops that drops a book down into a big metal box like a post office box, I shuddered!  To treat a book like that was sacrilege!

As a kid, I loved summertime, because it meant that I could read as much as I wanted to without pesky school work interfering.  I would walk to the library, all the way across town and come home with as many books as I could carry by myself.  I averaged reading a book a day in the summertime.

So I have this Big White Family Bible that is ruined.  Yet I hang on to it.  I pack it away in a box and it moves around with me from place to place, rarely seeing the light of day.  Once in a while it would end up on a book shelf, but most of the time it was exiled to some storage box that was filled with other things that I can’t seem to part with.

One day I have inspiration for a craft project that would make use of this old bible.  I think that this is a wonderful idea!  It would give this old bible new life and it would be like passing down a family heirloom.

I go into the spare bedroom and at the bottom of a stack of boxes is this box with my old photo albums and this bible.  I pull the book out and run my hand over “genuine imitation” leather that is the cover.   The bible was once white, with the words Holy Bible in gold on the front.

I take the bible into the living room and sit on the couch.  I haven’t cracked the cover on this book in more than 20 years.  I hesitate.

I turn back the front cover and I smell smoke.  Around the edges of that front inside cover is a little black mold that settled in after being wet.  I turn that first page and it’s as if I’d been slapped.   On that first page is a dedication to me from my mother when she gave me the bible back in 1980.  (I think)

My mother had beautiful handwriting.  She came from the days that good penmanship counted.  Her handwriting is unmistakable.

I remembered that she had written that dedication, but it had been so many years since I’d opened this book, I’d long forgotten what was written there.

I don’t know how my mom put up with me.  I was hell on wheels.  I’m sure she was worried about my soul and felt I needed some guidance.  She referenced several things in the bible that I could turn to should I need it.

Exploring the bible, I found a few scraps of paper tucked between the pages for me from my mother.  Most of these referenced a bible verse that she wanted to call my attention to.

One scrap of paper was a clipping from a magazine.  The clipping was a poem.  At the bottom of the piece of paper, it said “To Penny” in my mom’s handwriting.

The poem is called Ordinary Miracles by Erica Jong.  A lovely poem that my mother dedicated to me.

This ‘book’, still holds reverence for me.  But not for the religious reasons most would have.  I hold it carefully.  I run my hands over the cover lovingly.  The pages between the covers are filled with memories of my mother and filled with love.  Inside there are memories of my childhood and times that were both bad and good.

Get rid of this “ruined” book?  No.  No way.

I walk over to the bookcase and slip my bible onto the shelf, it’s smoky spine facing me.  It will sit on the book shelf as a proud member of my collection.




Why are we attracted to the Macabre?  Why is The Walking Dead so popular?  We love haunted houses, Halloween and the like.

My fascination with the macabre started at a very young age.  Before I was in my teens I read everything I could get my hands on about witchcraft.  I wanted to cast spells!  What stopped me was the threat of conjuring the devil or a demon!  Once I read that, I was no longer interested.  It scared me.

As a young girl, I loved poetry.  When I discovered Poe, I was hooked!  I didn’t seem to have a talent for writing the macabre the way Poe did, but I sure soaked up all I could get!

On Saturday nights, right after wrestling, I got to stay up late and watch the Thriller movie!  Who didn’t love getting the pants scared off of them by the Werewolf or Frankenstein, or The Blob!!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!!  🙂

Then when I was just a little older Alfred Hitchcock movies scared me, but I loved them!  Remember The Birds?  Or Psycho?  Ooooooooooo!  Norman bates made my skin crawl!

Do you remember the movie Willard?  Talk about creepy!!

I love Stephen King’s work.  I’m not saying Everything he’s written is wonderful, but he’s had me white-knuckled and turning pages on many of his books!

Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein at the tender age of 19.

So what is it that draws us to the dark, scary, basement?  Why do we flock to the theaters to be scared out of our wits?  Why are vampires now, not only popular, but sexy?

Is it the rush of adrenaline?  Is it the unknown that we just MUST know?

So, my friends, do you read about the boogie man?   Do you turn out the lights for atmosphere during a scary movie?

Tell me, do you like to be scared?