L – Language


Can you guess what’s in the picture?  🙂

L – Language

America, as we know, is a huge melting pot.  We are made up of all kind of ethnicities.  So we are also a mish-mash of different languages.

What I find really interesting about this, is that within the English language, there are So many different variations of it!

If you live in the south, you will hear that Southern drawl.  But if you go to Louisiana or Alabama, the Southern drawl is a lot thicker and quite different.  Yet those from Arizona or Florida do not sound “Southern” to me at all!  Tennessee seems to have twang all its own.

My step-dad was from Mass.  There were Huge differences in his speech.  Instead of car, it was “ca”.  He didn’t pronounce the R.  But with the word saw, he added an R!  He pronounced it sar.  You would sar a piece of wood!

In New Jersey, they would say Stone, not Rock.

Just think about how Americans have bastardized the English language!  People in Britain I know are horrified!

With us being that melting pot, think about the Spanish, Asian, Indian, or any number of other race of peoples that would give an “accent” to the English language.

I had a heck of a time when I first moved to Texas.  I’m the one that answers the phone at my place of work.  Some people have such thick accents that I could not understand them at all!  It was embarrassing to ask them to repeat themselves.

I guess I have developed an ear for the language, because the Most of the time, the drawl doesn’t throw me anymore.

I still find “y’all” quite humorous, but charming.  Especially if I see it in print!!  Something that I still do occasionally when I go to a restaurant is to count how many times my server will say “y’all”.   Some of them say it quite a lot.

I almost forgot about American Sign Language!   I’ve forgotten more sign language than I ever learned.  I think it is a beautiful thing to watch.  But even sign language will vary from area to area, depending on where you live in the US.

I’ve mentioned to a few people in Texas that I like their accent.  I was reminded that since I am not from here, I am the one with the accent!  I had never thought about that until then!  I guess I sound like an Oregonian!

Where are you from?  Do you have an accent?   Tell me about it!



Modern Day Knight


One day in the dark of the forest, down at the bottom of that deep, dark well, he came to me.

His arms, strong, but tender, raised me from the depths of that well.

The blue of his eyes shone through the night as if the light were coming from within.

I discovered this man was a mere mortal of flesh and blood.  The light I saw in his eyes was that of an honorable man.  The honor this man carried with pride, was that of rare and unimaginable beauty.

I knew he was a man, with weaknesses as men have.  But I saw what was inside.  He was a Nobleman of Old.  He saw the demons and beasts that few of us see.  He would give his life to slay them.

He thought his life was better served on the battlefield.

This man had no sword or armor, as we would normally see with a Knight.   He relied on his instincts and his brethren in the heat of battle.

My hand touched his, one last time, as he turned his shining eyes away.  I knew he couldn’t stay.  He had paused on his quest just long enough to give me a glimpse of himself.  There were battles to be fought and dragons to slay.

Beautiful artwork by Murphy Elliott