Printed Publication By Z Publishing

I am delighted and honored to have one of my poems featured in this beautiful book from Z Publishing!  This particular book features poets from the state of Texas!  If you would like to get a little peek at the book, it’s for sale on Amazon HERE.  It’s also on Z Publishing’s website HERE.

Thank you, always, for the amazing encouragement, love and support I find every day here on WordPress.  Thank you for being part of my journey.  ❤  Penny


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Umpqua River, Boomer Hill-Oregon

At the top of Boomer Hill where the Lodge Pole Pines stand straight & erect, reaching for the sky; this is where my heart is.  It’s among the moss and pine cones scattered on the forest floor.

North Umpqua River

It’s riding the air currents, alongside the bald eagles and hawks as they search for prey.

My heart yearns for the splash and laughter of the Umpqua River as it weaves its way across the valley floor.

Oh, how I miss my Beloved Oregon!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my life!  I have many, many blessings!  But sometimes my heart just aches to be among this beauty.  I’ve lived from coast to coast in this Great Big U.S. of A. and much of it is beautiful.  But I’ve never lived anywhere more beautiful than Southwest Oregon.

Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever lived?

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Skirmish of Sins (Revisited)

I’ve battled

He has invaded my slumber
and pursued my days.

With yesterday still ringing
in my ears,
I’m bruised. 

Not beaten. 

Never beaten.

Sinner or saint?  
Who should judge? 

I’ve slain


Tomorrow yields
another skirmish
of sins. 

Copyright © 2019 Penny Wilson

* I liked my first version of this quite a bit but I don't think 
people understood what I was trying to say. This is a reworked 
version of that first piece. I hope you enjoy.  <3
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The Fortress

The walls are high
and built to withstand 
the harshest

They were pieced together
over the years
as mortar. 

I’ve paid the price
for this barrier
with bits of my soul.  

Although my heart
is protected,
my spirit
has suffocated
behind these walls. 

Heaving back the bolt,
I slowly open the door. 

Through the crack
I see the light
of a new day. 

The promise of tomorrow
beyond the horizon. 

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

*All is well my friends. Just something my Muse came up with. :)
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Bridge over troubled nights — Jane Dougherty Writes

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The Oracle gave me a double puente, which the French would call a viaduct. Heat crushes me, hot winds lick my skin with coarse tongue, ripping splinters from a rainless sky, water, dust-dry as thirsty mouths waiting for a summer storm ~with you~ there was a time when clouds drifted, cool and […]

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Dancer as Object — My OBT

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#Writephoto ~ Aflame — anita dawes and jaye marie


Thursday photo prompt: Aflame #writephoto For visually challenged writers, the image shows an empty landscape beneath a blue sky. Darkness gathers above the horizon and between land and cloud, the sky is aflame… Aflame Below dark, moody clouds The dragon roars his displeasure Painting a scar, a flame, Of red and […]

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