Baby, it’s cold outside — bluebird of bitterness

I know it’s been unseasonably warm in Texas, but I do think about my friends in colder climates.  Please enjoy this light-hearted piece from Bluebird of Bitterness.  ❤

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The Clock… #Poetry — anita dawes and jaye marie

Please enjoy this darkly, moving poem. ❤

The Clock Time that never ends Ticking, beating out a rhythm That endless noise they say is silence My ears bleed, my mind screams Trying to remember The clock has blood on its hands I am outside looking in I hear bones breaking, flesh yielding I cannot write such dark passages Of a love […]

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My Life Started When I Almost Lost my Life — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Please read about James’ courageous battle with mental health and its dire consequences.

How much pain that I put my mother threw on a daily basis. The people no longer a part of my life. How I could not remember a happy moment in four years. My soul was all but gone, the flame barely illuminated. I made the decision to live right then and there, I haven’t looked back since.

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The Power of the Pen/Writing To Heal

We all write for different reasons.  There are as many different reasons to write as there are writers.  I’ve been writing off & on my whole life.  But I didn’t give it any real merit or take it seriously until a few years ago.  Now, writing is a huge part of my life.  One that I could not imagine being without.

My blog is a mixture of all kinds of things.  From my personal experiences to the daydreams of short stories or poetry.  It’s filled with my life.  My hopes, my dreams, and my tragedies, fears, and setbacks.

But more than anything, it’s filled with healing.

Through my writing, I’ve been able to put voice to the many experiences in my life.  This expression is an outlet.  A way to shout, scream, kick the dog (figuratively, of course. I would NEVER kick sweet Rocket), cry or sing, soar and rejoice.

It’s a way to heal.

But not just for me.  I hope that some of my writing has touched others.  I’ve written many times about depression and its devastation on people.  I’ve also written about family, loves and loss.

If my writing has touched you in some small way; if it has helped you heal in some small way, that makes me extremely happy.  If my writing made you smile on a day where it was tough to smile, then it’s all been worth it.  Because that’s what writers do.  They touch others’ lives through their writing.

As always, thank you for joining me on this journey.  ❤ Penny

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Understated Love

From one of my favorite Poets.  Please enjoy Paul Lenzie’s beautiful poem.  RIP my friend.  ❤

Poesy plus Polemics

Photo from Photo from

he loved to love
placed the gifts
of his heart
on her pillow
gentle words
at spontaneous
tender touches
between passing
workaday hours
soft songs made
of evenings his
light serenades
chair by chair
side by side
on the porch
partner witnesses
taking in uprise
of firefly summers
and downfall of
lake effect winters
shared breathing
mutual tacit

he needed no
more in return
than her smile
it contained
all his reasons
for living and
with that he
found his own
peace with the
idea of dying

she loved
to be loved
even if only
by touch of
his memory

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My Pillow… #Poetry — anita dawes and jaye marie

Please enjoy this beautiful poem by Anita Dawes.  Be sure to spend some time on her blog.  Her work is wonderful! ❤

My Pillow Leave a kiss on my pillow before you leave A promise of your return I roll into the warm space you leave behind I linger remembering your touch Hope awakened within Why do you slip away unseen? Did the night promise too much? Does my kiss still linger on your lips? […]

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Renewal #writephoto

The new dawn danced
its way 
into existence
with a light show 

Setting the sky ablaze
with cotton-candy puffs
of clouds

The earth 
once again
with a glorious backdrop
of fire and light
as its stage

© 2019 Penny Wilson

*This is in response to another of Sue's stunning photo's. 
She does a photo/word prompt every Thursday. If you would
like to get in on the fun, you can find out all about it HERE.  








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