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Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Friday & Wonderful weekend! When Saturday arrives without the alarm clock sounding next to your head, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Breathe in the good, and release all the negative. (Lord knows I need that cup of coffee before I begin the day, especially before […]

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Good News Friday Challenge! #trashtag

This is a Challenge to each of you to come up with Just One POSITIVE news story that you’ve seen or heard recently.  If you don’t watch the news, then share an uplifting, positive quote or post!  I think that it’s high time that we all make the effort to see the Good and to see the Positive that happens in our lives every day!  There is so much negativity in our lives that we must Stop and LOOK for the good things!

If you would like to participate in this challenge, please leave your comments below with a link to the post or news story that you’ve found or done.  If you do not watch the news, share a positive quote you seen or heard or share a lovely photo!  YOU decide what is positive and Good News!  While you’re here, please share and check out other people’s posts.

Let’s all share something GOOD today!

I would like to make this a weekly challenge.  It will depend on the amount of interest there is, of course.  I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful, positive things you all come up with!  ❤  ❤  ❤

Copyright (C) 2019 Penny Wilson

I am SO excited about the Good News story that I found for today!  Looking at the picture above, you can see the before and after effects of one person taking on the challenge of #trashtag !! This is a movement to take an area with litter, take a photo of it, then take another photo of it after you’ve done something about it!  Incredible!

HERE is the link to this amazing story!  Will YOU take up this challenge?

*Photo courtesy of Byrom Roman 

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Hackers: A Warning — beetleypete

If you look at your full stats page on WordPress, you will see a section on the bottom right marked ‘Clicks’. This shows you what some readers of your site will have clicked on. In most cases, this is a click to enlarge a photograph, to read a link, or perhaps to investigate the blog […]

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Echoes And Beats — Heartstring Eulogies

“Can you hear the echo in my heart? It remembers everything we were.” Can you hear the echo in my heart? The one that reverberates instead of a beat, continuing to move blood through my veins. Can you sense the silhouette — the shadows behind me that linger with sadness and pain? It’s the ghost […]

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#Flights of Fancy ~ Everlasting — anita dawes and jaye marie

Everlasting Time is immortal It gives no heed to the sad, the lonely. It will pass by, happy smiles, uncaring It glides through death’s dark tunnel It seeks not the living, nor the light Time has no master, it belongs to itself It shapes new worlds, moulds new beings It cares not for dimensions, […]

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the dream

Winged moments
with you




Reality severs


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*This is in response the Frank's Thursday Photo Challange.
If you would like to see more of his beautiful photography
or get in on th efun of his challenges, you can find out all
about it HERE. 

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Stay-Tranquil #writephoto

I cherish
each beat of your heart.

I feel your heat
under my fingertips.

My time with you

I see,
reflected in your eyes
winged moments.

Come with me,
my love.

I'll give you 

in these arms.


Life will be there
on the ’morrow.

Don't hurry.


Copyright © Penny Wilson

*This was written in  response to Sue Vincent's Thursday
photo prompt.  If you would like to join in on the fun, 
you can find out all about it HERE.  
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