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Happy Veteran’s day

This man was a mere mortal of flesh and blood.  He had the inner light of a warrior and he carried this with honor and pride.

I knew he was a man, with weaknesses that men have.  But I saw what was inside.  He was a Nobleman of Old.  He saw the demons , the evil and the beasts that few of us see.  He would give his life to slay them.  He would give his life for me. 

He thought his life was better served on the battlefield.

He relied on his instincts and his brethren in the heat of battle.

As he turned his shining eyes away, I knew he couldn’t stay.  He had paused on his quest just long enough to give me a glimpse of himself.  There were battles to be fought and dragons to slay.

Remember, that the safety and freedoms that we experience is because of mere men.  Veterans. 

Happy Veteran’s Day. 

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Affordable Mental Health Counseling

My initial dive into the subject of affordable mental health counseling came from the awareness of a friend in need.  Little did I know the rabbit hole it would take me down.  

I’ve found sites for suicide prevention, sites directed at veterans, children, domestic abuse, Christians and many, many more.  This is good, great, in fact.  BUT, what I did NOT find was low cost or no cost counseling services for mental health issues.  

I will not go into the rant that initially came to me after this realization.  I know you have better things to do, and this IS a post to help people, after all.  

Below is a list of sites that I found that may be of help to you or those that you know.  There is a lot of information here.  Each site is in BOLD and the color BLUE below.  The link will take you to a site with much more information.  

I did a post several days ago asking for help/information on this very subject.  If you would like to read that post, you can find it HERE.

Better This site seems to be the closest 
thing that I've found for low cost counseling 
services. They go by your income.

Depression Alliance This site offers a lot of 
online options.

HUB OF HOPE is a large database for Mental Health 
Services for the UK. Their homepage will let you 
enter info about your area to see if their services 
are available. If you click on the Menu on the 
upper right of the screen, it will give you other 

NAMI-National Alliance of Mental Illness has a 
helpline 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) In the Search box, 
search "International",if you do not live in the US. 
They have a text line, a chat option and other 
information.  They have a self help program, 
volunteer listeners and a Free 24/7 chat option. 
DBSA - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance 
There is a lot of support and information for 
Adults and Children on this site. 

MHA Mental Health America 
They have searches for Support Groups. They Have 
"Warm Lines", which is a call you can make even 
if you're not in crisis.This is a free service. 
Top10.Com This page has a list of OnLine therapy 
options. This is a page that explains possible 
coverage and options. 

Another Medicare list. This one is a site for Health and 
Substance Use Disorders  Suicide prevention site 
NIMH - National Institute of Mental Health - 
There's a lot of good information on this site. 
Click on the Mental Health Information tab. 

Texas Health and Human Resources- I live in Texas, 
so search for the Health and Human Resources for 
your state.  

Catholic Charities - The Catholic Charities are 
global. If you do not live in the US, I would try 
searching for them and using your country's
name. Click on the Get Help tab.

*If you have information that would help those 
in need of low cost counseling services, please 
feel free to reach out to me with the information. 
Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Copyright (C) 2022 Penny Wilson
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Help Needed – Therapy Information, Please

I Need Your Help.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is in need of therapy, as her benefits will soon be expiring.  Where can she turn?  

I’ve been in this situation.  Through my previous employer, I had 3 sessions with a therapist available to me covered by insurance.  3 sessions, didn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  After that, I was on my own to figure out how to pay for it.  

So I started digging into Affordable mental health therapy.  After a few Click Bait websites, I basically found nothing.  I did find one site that would offer me online sessions based on my income.  But even that was too expensive.  

I have a Mental Health Help Page where I have listed contacts for those in crisis, and other resources and articles for those struggling.  BUT… I have NO information for options of Free or Affordable Therapy.  

So I am asking for your help with this.  If you have information on this Much Needed Subject, would you please do what you can to get that information to me?  I’m in the US, but I need info for those not living in the US as well.  Anything information that you can come up with would be appreciated.  

Please, either leave the information in the comments below, use my Contact Page, or simply email me at

Thank you!!

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On the Edge of Today – #WDYS

I stand on the edge of today, soaking in the wonder and the 
possibilities. Today I can start anew, recreate me. I can turn my
back on the darkness of yesterday, the seeds of doubt and the chaos of
the world.

The potential, the promise, that this day holds, leaves me giddy with hope
and joy. I step forward, relishing the rush of this beginning, this
creation of my future.

Copyright (C) 2022 Penny Wilson

*This is in response to Sadje's WDYS prompt. If you'd like to join in on
the fun, you can find out all about it HERE.
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The Noise of This World

At the end of 2021, I was in a deep spiral of depression and anxiety.  Inflation, gas prices, the Pandemic, interest rates, drought, war, politics, global warming, mass shootings, etc., etc., etc.  There is certainly enough to be concerned about if you simply look beyond your own front door.   With the insurmountable number of issues the world has, how do we deal with it all?

Being an introvert, the noise of this world can become overwhelming for me.  In the last year, I moved to a small, quiet town and have a home in the country.  For me, this life is the most peaceful it has been in decades.

Even with my current quiet lifestyle, one can’t simply ignore the issues going on around us.  At least I can’t.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and you’ll be bombarded with images and stories that are disturbing.  That’s a LOT of negativity to absorb.  I want to be informed.  I’m not a “head in the sand” type of person.  So how do I deal with it?

Negativity breeds negativity.  Have you heard the phrase “misery loves company”?  It’s true.  You must distance yourself from it in some way.  Below are some ways of coping with the negativity.

*Take the negativity in small doses.  If you MUST watch the news, limit yourself.  Set a limit of exposure.  I do not expose myself to image upon image of war, or weather disasters, or the back-biting of politics, or a number of other things.  I know they exist, but I am not overloading myself with the details.

*Tend your own garden. Even though my life is a quiet one, there are responsibilities and activities that I must tend to.  I own a fixer-upper house that I am always working on.  I am taking my writing interest more seriously.  I spend time with family and stay in touch with friends.  I try to stay active and healthy.  These are not only important in my life, they also distance me from the constant flow of negativity.

*Do your part (within your means).  Want to help?  Seeing all the awful things that go on in the world, it’s hard not to want to help, to be involved.  So, do What You Can Within Your Means.  Recycle, save water, donate to the food bank and/or local charities, Vote!  You can also volunteer locally.  Libraries, animal shelters and retirement communities always need help.  Shop small and shop locally.  Small independent business owners need your help.  They feel the crunch too.

*Be prepared.  Keep your gas tank full.  Stay stocked up on the basics/essentials in your pantry.  Have emergency water and first aid items on hand.  THIS is an excellent website that can help. They have information on everything from building an Emergency Preparedness Kit to Cyber Security.  

A few things to keep in mind:

*It’s not all about you.  There are some things that just do not concern you and there’s nothing that you can do about them. 

*We’re all in the same boat.  You are not alone in feeling the enormity of the problems of this world. 

*See the reality of the situation.  In the Big Scheme of things, Worldwide, there is only So Much you can do.  Keep in mind that YOU alone, are limited by your means, your location, etc.

*Do What You Can.  If you want to help, then help.  Do what’s within your power to help.  A lot of little things add up to bigger things that can help overall. 

*Seek help.  If things get to be overwhelming, seek help.  TALK to someone.  Let those around you know that you are struggling.  THIS is my page on Mental Health Help.  There are a number or resources and articles that may be helpful.

No one knows how much time we have on this planet.  Be happy when you can, enjoy and be grateful for what you have, live today, for today.  Spend time with your loved ones.  Appreciate the little things that make you smile. 

“Mind your own biscuits and everything will be gravy.” 

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