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I am a freelance writer that writes in several genres. I've had a successful blog with a growing and loyal following for more than 5 years. I've written articles for Counseling Directory .org, Introvert Dear .com, and WOW Women on Writing. My poetry has been published on Ariel Chart, a monthly online Journal and Spill Words Press. I'm currently working on my first novel. You can find more of my writings on my blog at: and follow me on Twitter @pennywilson123.

30 Day Challenge-What I Learned

I put myself on a 30 day challenge to do a Post A Day, for 30 days.  I succeeded!  THIS is post #30.  I’m proud of sticking with it and accomplishing it.  I’ve learned a few things along the way … Continue reading

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Andy Rooney’s Eyebrows

Quite a few of you are not going to be familiar with the man in the photo above.  His name was Andy Rooney.  He passed away in 2011.   Mr. Rooney was a staple in American living rooms for many years.  … Continue reading

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Just Be Held

  * I had this phrase running through my head (Just Be Held) and wrote a little something on it.  Then afterward I Googled the phrase, thinking that it sounded familiar.  Boy, was I ever right!  Casting Crowns did a … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know I’d Live This Long #2

*This was originally inspired by The Militant’s Negro’s post which you can find  HERE.  You can view my first post on words of wisdom HERE. If you’ve lived on this planet for any length of time and paid attention, then hopefully … Continue reading

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Shadow & Light

The moon stole a kiss As I drank in the  shadows The sunrise hides Under the scars of Yesterday Turmoil rests Under the guise of Sanity As tomorrow Promises Another day Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson *Day 26 of my … Continue reading

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It’s All Good!

Hello all.  Thank You to everyone that looked in on me and sent me Get Well wishes!  I appreciate it!  I am MUCH better today.  To catch you up, if you don’t follow my blog, I sprained my wrist Thursday … Continue reading

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I’m Left Handed

It’s never come up and why would it?  I’m left-handed.  It’s not as bad as it looks.  It’s just a sprain.  I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how I did it, so I won’t.  🙂 It hurts like hell.  … Continue reading

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