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Taking On the World

I can't unlove
the most vital
role in my life

This life 
would have been
without you 

Letting you go 
left me 

When I dream 
I still see
you and I

taking on this 

In my next life 
I pray we find 
each other

Copyright (C) 2023 Penny Wilson

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Penny Wilson is an international writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing and Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. Penny is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and has the page "Mental Health Help" on her blog. She writes about the struggles of mental illnesses and Depression. She is passionate about spreading awareness for Suicide Prevention and Domestic Abuse. She expresses her passion through her writings of poetry and life experiences. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

33 thoughts on “Taking On the World

      1. I follow hundreds of blogs. More than I can possibly keep up with. I decided that I can only follow more new blogs if I feel that something that I read on their blog strikes me as extraordinary with subject matter that I want to follow. Sorry.


  1. Wow! Great Poem, Penny!!! Powerful, emotional and hopeful too!
    Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

    You may enjoy this song if you haven’t heard it yet! I love it, especially the lyrics



      1. Ha! I always love your posts, My Dear! I agree, Jennifer is fun to listen to. Have you listened to her song “Sugar”! That song and video makes me laugh. Oh, back to “Unlove You” can you guess the line in the song that She told an interviewer she loved best? It surprised me when I heard it because it is the one line among a bunch that I loved best. See if you can find it and get back to me.

        Hope you are having a great day, Dearie!
        Big, Big Hugs-n-Stuff πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸŒΉ


        Here is another one she did with Lionel Richie


      2. Ok, I’ll guess. “they want a taste of my cherry pie but I’m never gonna give ’em a piece”.
        Am I close?
        This is one by her that brings me to tears just about every time I watch/listen to it.

        let me know what you think. ❀

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      3. Yes, You are awesome!! Right again – I heard that line and it knocked me down – “I wasn’t lost until you found me”!!! Classic line. I’ve been trying for two years to wrap my head around that idea and to even describe it!


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