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Meet Bessie

Meet Bessie! Bessie is a 1951 Model 221 Singer Featherweight Sewing machine. Isn’t she a beauty? Not bad for being 70 years old! The Featherweight was produced between 1933 and 1968. Singer made approximately 3.0 to 3.5 million of these machines during that time. You can find them for sale online easily enough. Finding one that’s affordable, may be another matter. I’ve seen them range in price from $400 up to over $2,000.
I set my coffee cup on Bessie’s bed so you can see how small she is. Bessie weighs just 11 pounds. Mine happens to be a Centennial model, celebrating the 100th year of Singer’s production, this is signified by the small oval emblem on the front. I’ve wanted one of these machines for many years. The Featherweight is still highly prized and sought after especially by quilters. It has a precise straight stitch that is unequal even in many modern machines. If you look up Singer Featherweights online you will find many colors and variations. People take these old machines and remake them into wild colors and designs. I wanted one as original as I could get it.
Everything for my machine fits into it’s own carrying case. I was fortunate enough to find one with a case and several attachment feet. I don’t have the original instruction book but was able to find a copy of it online that I was able to print for free. The Featherweight models varied slightly over the years, but for the most part, they looked like Bessie. I’ve haven’t had time to use Bessie very much at all yet. But I have several project in mind for her! I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Bessie. I will post a little something created by her once in a while.
I'd like to mention that I bought my Featherweight from an online site, at 
Machine Lady .Com
Kathy was an absolute sweetheart to deal with.  She even
arranged to meet me in Fort Worth while she was visiting the area so that I
didn't have to pay shipping!  If you have any interest, stop by her site and
take a look around! Oh,and Kathy names her machines once they are
refurbished and ready to be sold. That's how Bessie got her name. :)


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