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The Deck-Something to Smile About

First of all, Thank You to Trent, who continues to remind us that there is always something to smile about!  Please take a look at his wonderful Weekly Smile HERE. 

It sure makes me Smile to see something like this finished!  My deck, pictured above is just about my favorite place to hang out.  I love to watch the different birds that come to visit and watch my little dog, Rocket enjoy His Turf.  My deck has been needing a good cleaning for quite some time.  I have also wanted to stain it. So I decided that this past weekend was the perfect time to do it!


The weekend mornings were blessedly cool.  So I was up bright and early putting my back into it and giving my deck a good scrubbing.  Not the best picture above.  But if you look at the color in the top part of the pic, you’ll see the beginnings of my efforts.  The deck had begun to take on that grey/black color.  Yuck.  After a good scrub, the boards looked like new!  It’s been quite warm in the afternoon, so I decided that if it was dry the next morning that I would stain it.


The next morning, bright and early again, I went outside and looked at my lovely, dry, clean deck.  So I set about staining it.  I chose a pretty redwood color.  In the picture above, you can see the difference between my recently cleaned boards and the new color of stain.  This is me cutting in around the edge.

And the picture above is the finished result!  It’s still wet here, but it dried nicely.  Isn’t it pretty?  I’ll just stay off of it for another day or two and it should be good to go!

This project definitely made me smile!!  So What Made You Smile This Last Week?  Come on, share and then let Trent know on his Weekly Smile post found HERE.

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20 thoughts on “The Deck-Something to Smile About

  1. I can see why this is a favorite hang-out. What a lovely space, made even more inviting by your deck re-do. Well done. And is that color on your house a sunny yellow?

    My grandchildren made me smile last week, as they always do.


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