3 thoughts on “3 Bones

  1. Loved this! Cracked me up – no wonder. It’s from Reba! Ha! So True though!!
    Hey You,

    Thanks for writing on your lunch!!

    No, we got a little sprinkle one day and no winds or anything! Lucky for us both!!

    Wow, Penny! You are just on fire with Elfchens!! I’m loving it! That is an Awesome Elfchen, My Dear!! Love it, love it!! You should start a little personal project of “An Elfchen A Day”. Just think at the end of a year you will have 365 Beautiful Elfchens, just like the ones you have written so far!!
    Please? Dare? Ha!

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion of using the Thesaurus. I don’t know why I have never thought of that before? That will be a big help!!! Hopefully, I can be more eloquent!! Thank you, Dear!!

    Whoa! Aren’t you ambitious? Clean and stain, both! That will be a weekend project for sure! It will be the same for me – Pickleball and WP and writing!

    Yes, I’m being good, staying safe, too!
    Have a great weekend, My Dear!!


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