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Masks Part 2 – They’re not Political! — Trent’s World (the Blog)

WEAR A MASK, WEAR A MASK, WEAR A MASK!!! Please see my Friend, Trent’s post here. ❤

(See Part One) (Quick edit – Most of the Republicans I know wear a mask and most of the Democrats I know wear a mask for the right reason, but there are so many out there…) A couple of weeks ago I was in a team meeting. My manager was talking about new policy for […]

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Penny Wilson is an international writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing and Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. Penny is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and has the page "Mental Health Help" on her blog. She writes about the struggles of mental illnesses and Depression. She is passionate about spreading awareness for Suicide Prevention and Domestic Abuse. She expresses her passion through her writings of poetry and life experiences. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

15 thoughts on “Masks Part 2 – They’re not Political! — Trent’s World (the Blog)

  1. I totally agree, because (1) I have a daughter who is chronically ill and I don’t want her to get it, (2) she has a tumor and needs to have surgery to remove the tumor and her adrenal gland, we are not sure if it is cancer (3) I had a mild case of the virus a few months ago it comes out of nowhere and knock the wind out of you, praise God no one else in my family got it. (4) my girlfriend was in the ICU for 17 days and while there she loss her sister from this virus, my advice is this; WEAR A MASK, PLEASE WEAR A MASK


  2. I adored and applaud him for writing creating and sharing that post. I’m in Central FL and from the very onset in the Winter my entire neighborhood, minus the medical field, though even they were a bit slow going, I was a head of them regarding masks and distancing, has been walking around as if nothing’s going on, nothing’s changed, zero acknowledgement. Because of everyone else I’ve had to lock myself in the house for going on over 3 1/2 months now, with a dear friend showing up each morning to do daily errands for me (bless his heart, but that also puts him at greater risk and as we both agree, I have to disinfect everything when he leaves. Mind you, I’m not obsessed with this, live in no fear of it, but honor and regard that monster (virus) as something that could hurt me greatly or worse (underlining health issues, 1/2 of which are my lungs – and if I were to get sick, my 3 fur-family would have no one to take care of them), as well as hurt others. Since the re-openings our numbers have been out of control (which I completely expected having been not only watching them, but a logical being). Many businesses that weren’t closed are now having to close and many that just reopened are finding they have to reclose, and not due to our Governor, but due to the spread of the virus to them and all of their employees. Orlando Animal Services had to close due to employee infection and that’s leaving 90 animals in immediate need of care (breaking my heart). It’s snowballing into exactly what a logical person would know it would snowball into and it’s only going to get worse, far worse, but the arrogance and total disregard about this…. the freedom spewing and OMG I even saw a video of someone down South of me at a County Court meeting saying “you’re all evil and masks and distancing are the work of the devil – you cannot force us to cover what God gave us to breathe with, God will keep us safe and you’re all going to hell,” are only further justifying the openings, which isn’t only the exact wrong thing to do while trying to contain what they cannot stop yet, but it’s stopping the Heroes Act from getting passed by the Senate and President, which is greatly needed, because of all of the above – numbers are rising, businesses are closing and reopened businesses are reclosing. Their one and only response to why they won’t pass it is “it’s not needed, business is reopening.” So everyone who’s fighting it, debating it, protesting it, turning it into a political, religious or conspiracy circus, while I hope EVERYONE remains clear of it and stays well and safe, are going to be the reason we find ourselves in deeper trouble as each day passes, with absolutely no financial help – then what will they say? What will be their protest then, they would have gotten what they wanted and not only physically/health wise hurt countless people in the process, but also helped to destroy everyone’s financial stability and safety.

    This is such a strong point with me – I’ve been repeating myself over and over again for months that “this is not about politics, this is not about loss of freedom – we didn’t lose our freedom, we gained safety – use the darn time to slow down – which our entire species need(ed), to find yourself, because we’ve all been lost for a super long time – and reflect on what’s truly going on within our world, our home in the stars, our planet and all inhabitants upon it.” Nearly 4 months in, though I was keeping an eye on it since October, even though they claim the first case was in November (untrue), I no longer say a word. I’m being locked in my home due to every single neighbor and resident on my large property, person in the street and people in the stores not wearing masks or being diligent about distancing (including doctor’s offices and hospitals – one seat apart is not 6′), and while yes, due to living alone it’s all becoming one large blur of a day and while I was amusing myself with a great many things at first, I’m getting a bit bored, but honestly Penny? I’m living in ENORMOUS gratitude. I’m grateful to have a home/apartment that’s filled with all things yummy to my essence, to face a reserve that I’m so connected to and play in and care for, that while the “plague” put a dead halt on all of my many needed doctor appointments, specialists and tests (a bit unnerving), I’ve been well and there’s been no change for the worse whatsoever requiring any urgent need to go (my choice not to go “yet” due to all I’ve mentioned above.

    I’m very spiritual as you know, becoming more and more by the day, by the minute – and I also see behind a great many veils upon our planet, many lies, many secrets, lost knowledge and mind emotional control; however, be that true or not, regardless of how, why or where this virus came from, in the current moment it doesn’t matter with regard to ensuring lack of spreading – all that matters in that regard is that it’s here on our world – we can deal with the how, why and who later in history. Well, to be 100% transparent, I kind of deal with both currently – I’m in touch (clarity maybe?) with all that’s wrong on our world and what things don’t seem right about this virus, while simultaneously acknowledging its existence and what needs to be done to contain it. For today, I’m remain home in sheer gratitude, spreading as much love as I can, being love, gifting love and throwing in a few nudges of awareness/awakening wherever and whenever possible).

    The virus and stimulus help might have (or may not have) stemmed from a politic place or space, but none of that matters in the current moment – our resolve as a species, our awareness of how to stop the spread and living in gratitude, reflection and love is genuinely all that I believe matters right now. I’ve lost life-long friends, watched other life-long friends suffer for 5-8 weeks wishing they were no longer alive – luckily they came out the other end, I’ve lived through my father (85) walk himself into 2 hospitals in the middle of the mega epicenter situation that was going on in NY seeking critical care for other reasons and him being discharged without treatment, because it was all things COVID-19 or nothing – I’ve spent more money than I can afford to spend on gouged priced cleaning supplies, because everything was out of stock everywhere – and I was living my life in online stores hour after hour, every day and night for weeks, waiting for something to come back in stock so I could grab it before it went out of stock again, which fortunately I did and they all went out of stock once I did (blessed), my poor dog Jozie hasn’t had me take her on a long walk since December and I had an Amazon delivery person in a rage when I asked why he wasn’t in a mask literally, in front of a neighbor (also not wearing a mask) attack me with such a vulgar and raging verbal attack that we all genuinely believed he was going to physically attack me, or her if she spoke up (my neighbor). He was screaming, I have rights, I am free. So yes, I’ve seen the ugly that this is causing, I’ve felt the pain that this is causing – I’m living through it as well – but I’m going full circle on it all, because if everyone was in a state of gratitude, reflection and love, no one would be acting, speaking or thinking this way and far less people would be suffering or dying.

    The ONLY things political about this is that the politicians are making it so much easier for our kind to shut the chatter off in their heads and just accept only one truth about the virus right now (at least for now)…. which is that it exists. When the politicians make light of it or try to redirect us like cattle from it (let’s see what disaster or fear mongering thing we can make headlines news with this week to distract them), it seems to be causing many to ignore it. And, unfortunately, since they are in fact “our employees,” we pay them, they work for us – we ended up in a reality where our employees are making decisions for us, it’s upside down – yet another reason to keep yourself safe, keep others safe, REFLECT on life while we have this time to do so right now – reflect on society while we have this time to do so right now, really take a good pause and understand how much is wrong in the world (people want to go back to a normal that wasn’t normal), be grateful, see, hear, seek it and be love. Am I enjoying over 3 1/2 months at home, by myself with 3 animals? Am I enjoying not being able to go see my father 1100 miles away going in for a dangerous procedure this coming Monday? To be honest, it’s not a WOW this is a fun moment, but I can’t say I’ve disliked or hated it (I have angst about not being with my dad right now, but it’s not dislike or hate – just angst). I’m surrounded by all things me – my apartment looks like it’s me turned inside out – floating moons, crystals everywhere, animal statues everywhere, 37 candles on timers turn on each night at 7pm, earlier in the day I listen and hear birds singing so joyfully, play with my animals, I’ve got a djembe drum, buffalo drum, 4 singing bowels, a Native American flute, maracas, percussion sticks, percussion eggs and a tambourine LOL (we didn’t just need toilet paper, we needed “NEW” things to do – things that align with who we are, rather than just fitting into the box of society), journals, great music, bought some learn how to sketch books and supplies. I could think of a lot worse things happening than this – which is genuinely what will happen, continue to happen and get worse, with more to come if people don’t drop the arrogance, their overthinking, their putting together 2 totally different scenarios (how, why and who with the fact that it exists). I created a post many months ago, could be longer, I’ve had trouble with time passage since that incident 4+ years ago, called The Answer and it truly is, it genuinely is. The Answer to all things is love, because love encompasses acceptance, kindness, compassion, caring, empathy, gratitude, support, giving, helping, connection to one another, as well as to all that lives and so much more, including clarity. And my word I’ve written you a book sized comment! My apologies sweetheart – again I’ll be transparent in saying that I don’t much enjoy when people do that to me, not a big fan of large reads lol. The subject came up and off my little fingers went. So I think I should yank my fingers off the keyboard now by ending with – WILL EVERYONE PLEASE WEAR MASKS!

    His post was excellent, you sharing it wonderful. Thank you Penny. And oh my gosh, I responded to it in so much detail on your page that there isn’t much more to say on his, so I may just copy and paste this into his original post’s comments. 😊 You be at ease, peaceful, comfortable, without need of anything, safe and well.

    Sending big love to you Penny. 💗 Kimberly


    1. I get such a kick out your Looong replies, Kimberly. Love it! I wish I could type at your speed!!
      And you are right on the money!! How many people are going to have to die before they realize the rationality of it! 😦 Grrrr!

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      1. Sadly my love, I’m beyond befuddled at how this, right after Australia and all of the other massive things going wrong on our planet for quite a long while now, wasn’t a mass wake up call. With the exception of a small handful of animals (tiny fraction), this virus is literally only impacting our species. Hello? Anyone home? Are the lights on? And, while we were in lockdown “at first,” our planet, as well as all nature and wildlife began to heal. How’s that for a mass wake up call – yet, it somehow became a minority wake up call. I’m going to continue more of the same of what I’ve been doing through it all (with some much needed all day cleaning – a “Spring Cleaning Clean,” and a lot more home exercise which I know I’ve been amiss about, knowing the importance of it and just continue sending out messages of love, hope, faith, AWAKENING, and riding out this storm with my own belief system on what’s going on, as well as a side order of a shared belief of what everyone who sees the urgency for us to be wearing masks, distancing and being mostly closed down right is feeling and seeing. I’m not afraid of something that can’t hurt me and it can’t hurt me if I stay logical, I won’t even say smart, just logical. I’m not angry at those who are blinded so badly right now by so many things (or why) that it’s going to cause a dead halt on the stimulus package that’s hugely necessary for everyone, or will be sometime soon – yet would have not been passed into law due to their perceptions and actions making it so that much easier for those making those decisions. What I am is sad for those who are so frightened, so filled with chaos over the shifts taking place on our world that they’re acting out in illogical ways, causing more harm than good and must absolutely be living in daily horror within themselves for them to be perceiving or behaving as they are. I’m sad for them. That doesn’t mean I’m not upset about what their doing to help support the “no support” for us through this enormous time and what that means to many, worldwide, or will soon enough – but rather than being upset (I admit to absolutely feeling anxiety over it), I’m trying to wake them up lovingly, with nudges, with emotion, with expression, with information. The truth is Penny, not everyone will hear it or care, but if one person who wasn’t getting it gets it due to something I’m putting out there either verbally, physically or energetically, then it’s 1 more person than it was, and I’m good with that.

        LOL @ you getting a kick out of my books. There’s a very good chance that you might be the only person on that list hahaha. The hilarious part is…. I would so never read comments, emails, texts or letters from anyone if they were the size of what I type lol. 🤣 Some of it is that old incident 4+ years ago leaving me spiraling when I see a lot of text, but some of it is what everyone else feels – “oh hellz to the no, that’s huge!” LOL. So my love, thank you for starting that list, you might be a little lonely on it hahahaha.

        I hope you, your family and all of your loved ones and those you care about are well and being safe! There’s nothing to fear if you live mindfully about the virus – who cares about the looks and stares by those who oppose it – we all (even them) must do what’s in our own and loved ones best interest. Big Hugs Penny!! After I posted “the book” to you haha, I then reposted it to Trent with a few changed around words so he was no longer in 3rd party lol, and have just spent an hour or 2 on here and must go walk my dog and do something purposeful today lol.

        (((((((HUGS and LOVE)))))))))) From Orlando, FL US


      2. I am doing my best to stay safe. I agree that if we just use our common sense, we’ll get through this. Unfortunately, some people have more common sense than others. Thanks, Kimberly. Hugs & Love right back at you from Texas! ❤ ❤

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