Laying Low

My apologizes for being so quiet recently.  Most of you know that I have a day job, that I am not an independently wealthy blogger as some of you are. 🙂  Work has been brutal lately.  I’ve been going home pretty worn out.  So today, there will not be a Friday Favorites.  I’m sorry.

I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.

Stay strong, my friends.  Keep doing what you do.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  ❤ Penny

11 thoughts on “Laying Low

  1. Happy belated New Year & Decade to you Penny. I don’t work, although based upon the reasons why I don’t, one could consider it 2 full-time jobs (medical/health/frustration though I’m a spiritually infused tenacious, hopeful boxer). 😁 I’ve been M.I.A. myself for quite some time now … and alas so shall I remain for just a few more months (I hope). We’re a bit of WP old timers now, I think it’s okay to all who know us when he partake in life’s hide and go seek from time to time. Those who know us, follow us or care will always be here upon our return. ❤ I hope work slows down for you soon. Love, Light, Positiveness, Strength and Ease being sent your way. ❤ Kimberly


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