What’s the Deal With MeWe?

I had a Facebook account a couple of times and have deleted it for one reason or another.  There seems to be more bad things associated with FaceBook than there are good things.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about MeWe.  I opened an account back in March.  Here it is December and I’m still no closer to getting into the groove with it than I was back in March.

Finding information about how to find and connect with others is sparse.  Usually a search of a familiar name will result in zero results.  I have found ONE person I know.  But when I tried to connect, it says that they do not accept connections from those that they do not know.


I have 3 connections. Three!  These are Groups where I don’t know a soul.  I’m not sure what to DO with these groups!  Should I even bother with this?

What has your experience been with MeWe?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

* MeWe is supposed to be a social media site “like” FaceBook, except, there are no ads, they don’t track you, or sell your info.

18 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With MeWe?

  1. I joined MeWe years ago and didn’t figure it out, but I am revisiting it now . People are tired of Facebook’s censoring information that goes against the media narrative. I decided to search here on WP to see what others were saying. I’m now in a group on MeWe that also posts on Facebook. That is one way to transfer over.


  2. I joined MeWe a week ago and haven’t done anything with it. I don’t know how to connect with anyone. I have not looked at it since the day after I joined. Maybe I should and see if there is anyone trying to get in touch with me. My Facebook page has a lot of ads and some people that I don’t know, but I’m tired of always being blocked.


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