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What’s the Deal With MeWe?

I had a Facebook account a couple of times and have deleted it for one reason or another.  There seems to be more bad things associated with FaceBook than there are good things.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about MeWe.  I opened an account back in March.  Here it is December and I’m still no closer to getting into the groove with it than I was back in March.

Finding information about how to find and connect with others is sparse.  Usually a search of a familiar name will result in zero results.  I have found ONE person I know.  But when I tried to connect, it says that they do not accept connections from those that they do not know.


I have 3 connections. Three!  These are Groups where I don’t know a soul.  I’m not sure what to DO with these groups!  Should I even bother with this?

What has your experience been with MeWe?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

* MeWe is supposed to be a social media site “like” FaceBook, except, there are no ads, they don’t track you, or sell your info.


Penny Wilson is an international writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing and Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. Penny is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and has the page "Mental Health Help" on her blog. She writes about the struggles of mental illnesses and Depression. She is passionate about spreading awareness for Suicide Prevention and Domestic Abuse. She expresses her passion through her writings of poetry and life experiences. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

18 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With MeWe?

  1. I joined MeWe years ago and didn’t figure it out, but I am revisiting it now . People are tired of Facebook’s censoring information that goes against the media narrative. I decided to search here on WP to see what others were saying. I’m now in a group on MeWe that also posts on Facebook. That is one way to transfer over.


    1. Sorry, I guess I need to go back and add an explanation for those that are not familiar. MeWe is supposed to be a social media site “like” FaceBook, except, there are no ads, they don’t track you or sell your info.

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  2. I joined MeWe a week ago and haven’t done anything with it. I don’t know how to connect with anyone. I have not looked at it since the day after I joined. Maybe I should and see if there is anyone trying to get in touch with me. My Facebook page has a lot of ads and some people that I don’t know, but I’m tired of always being blocked.


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