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Loving You

The thought of being
without you

The ache 
than emotional

Like a kick 
in the chest

I didn't 

it would

happen again



*(C)2019 Penny Wilson



Penny Wilson is a freelance writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing, Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

11 thoughts on “Loving You

    1. I don’t think this came across the way I was hoping it would. What I was trying to express is the way I have allowed myself to be vulnerable, again. Something I never thought I would do. I’m crazy, mad in love right now and it’s wonderful!! 🙂 Thaks for visiting, Beckie! ❤

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      1. My bad, then. Whoops! Sorry, Penny.
        I’m thrilled for you!
        There the one part of the poetry that grabbed me whe you mention, “Like a kik in the chest”, I associated it with the pain that is felt. Not the actuall thumbing of your heartbeat when being in love.
        (Listen, I wouldn’t know what love was if it smacked me in the face anymore), I’ve been out of the romantic waters for so long… The seaweed cut off circulation to my heart. LOL! 😜


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