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Please Read – Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!

REBLOG:  Please read this important post!!

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Fellow bloggers/writers –

It has come to my attention, via Gina’s post @alifelesslived (click the following link: Attention all! Please read), that a website called Tygpress has been harvesting posts from various bloggers and posting them without consent from the original writers/bloggers. This website is being hosted by Digital Oceans.

I found my entire blog on this website (I’ve attached this here as proof). I have filed a complaint with their web host (the link above for Digital Oceans goes right to their “report abuse” page) under the DMCA (Digital Millennium CopyRight Act) as there is no contact information on the Tygapress Website to contact someone there directly. I’ve looked up a few of the blogs that I follow and have found many of my favorite blogs on this website.

While this may be an issue for those bloggers hoping to someday publish their work (in a book…

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Penny Wilson is a freelance writer who writes in several genres. She has written articles for WOW Women on Writing. Her poetry has been published in online journals, such as Ariel Chart, Spill Words Press and the Poppy Road Review. Penny is a member of the Austin Poetry Society. Her poetry has been featured in the publication America's Emerging Poets 2018 & 2019 by Z Publishing and Poets Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine published by Prolific Press. Penny is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and has the page "Mental Health Help" on her blog. She writes about the struggles of mental illnesses and Depression. She is passionate about spreading awareness for Suicide Prevention and Domestic Abuse. She expresses her passion through her writings of poetry and life experiences. You can find more of her writings on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @pennywilson123.

9 thoughts on “Please Read – Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!

  1. I made the same mistake as a new blogger. I copied 2 articles from a blog and pasted them on my site with their information. I gave them credit for the blogs, but they let me know, very nicely which I appreciated, that I could not do that. I deleted the two articles and have made sure not to repeat my mistake.
    I was not so lucky with my novel. I emailed it to an “e-friend” who was going to read it for me. After not hearing back for a month, I emailed her. Her address was no longer valid and I had no other way of contacting her. It was only recently that someone let me know that my book was being sold on Amazon with a different author’s name. I looked and sure enough there was another “Dana’s Dilemma – A Dana Morgan Mystery” right below mine. She did not even have the courtesy to change the title and she used a lot of red in the cover like I had. I learned that book titles are not copyrighted. I read only the first page or two of the sample pages they give you. That part used different character names, except for Dana’s, and was not written all that well. I looked at mine and decided it was written about the same. I’d like to think my writing has improved since then!


  2. That upsets me to no end. The hosting company should pull that site down, but only after a strong warning of stealing other people’s intellectual property! This is my biggest fear about online blogging, writing, sharing – we lose control of our “essence,” ideas, perceptions, thoughts, creativity, work and more. I hope the hosting company gives them a strong warning and demands all posts be taken down, since it’s more than obvious that most of the posts there are not theirs. 😦


      1. Very! WordPress (org and com) and/or all the other venues people connect to it with, need to disable right click as well as highlight, copy and paste on all blog views, aside from our own. They also need to NOT allow our artwork to be clicked and saved, or to view them in their own URL. Most of this will stop the “novice thieves,” but unfortunately with most browsers now allowing you to open the code, they can always copy it through the code, though it takes far more time, which will deter some of them. WordPress org and com (as well as all other sites connected) is remiss in not putting those safety guards in place, they’re very easy to do.


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