No One is Watching — Eyes + Words

REBLOG: please be sure to read Eyes + Words beautiful poem.

Written by Jacob Ibrag I’d like to ignore the world and its weight on my shoulders. I’d like to pretend that my roots are attached for a decorative purpose. That I don’t owe anyone an inkling of my soul. That I can drift in the wind and love who I choose. And maybe I can […]

via No One is Watching — Eyes + Words

4 thoughts on “No One is Watching — Eyes + Words

    1. Rory, dear friend, I sincerely appreciate the gesture. But I’ve had to make my blog an Award Free Blog. If you go to my Home Page, you’ll see a tab at the top that says Award Free Blog. It will take you to a page that tells you all about it. I’m sorry, Rory! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am doing well and hope you are too! ❤ Big Hugs to you! 🙂

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      1. In truth Penny – l am not expecting you to do anything, from me it’s just a gifted compliment – l think the difference this time is l didn’t put the usual introduction on there. So panic not.

        Plus because it is only a compliment and as such doesn’t need an obligated return from the person l am complimenting – panic not 🙂


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