Before You Go

Before you go,

Sweep up my dignity.
You see,
I've thrown it away.

It became irrelevant
in your presence.

Can I recapture it
without looking
in your eyes?

What will I see
reflected there?

Yesterday’s letters
expressed it plainly.
Songs we sung to one another.

The words now blurry;
running on the page.

Before you go,

Take my heart
from your hand.
It’s held
too tightly.

More resilient than I knew.

The imprint
of your fist
will fade.

Before you go,
Draw the blinds. 
To accept the light
would be a subversion. 

Copyright © 2019 Penny Wilson

*Just a few old memories here….  All is well. 


8 thoughts on “Before You Go

    1. Thank you, Chuck. A Very, Very long time ago. We write what we know, right? Don’t feel bad for me. My life has given a wealth of things to write about! Thank you for the visit and your kind words. ❤


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