Knight’s Honour – #writephoto

His honour came from days of old 
where maidens fell at his feet 

Dragons roared and spewed fire 
his challenge; to defeat.

His body clad in armor;
a helmet placed upon his head  

To defend the king’s daughter,
His life’s blood, willingly shed. 

As he breathed his last farewell,
she placed a rose upon his chest

She wept tears of sorrow,
knowing he had given his best.   

The dragon lay cold and lifeless;
the village safe, for now

The knight died for their honour
After fulfilling his sacred vow. 

© 2018 Penny Wilson

*This was written in response to Sue Vincent's Thursday
#writephoto prompt. If you would like to get in on the 
fun, you can find out all about it HERE. 

12 thoughts on “Knight’s Honour – #writephoto

  1. So funny, I read the actual note, and, except for the bit of fantasy and a dragon, you were right, he gave his life for the king 🙂 (I liked the dragon better, though)


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