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Coyote Attacks-Input Needed!

I’m reposting this because, while I’ve received a lot of really good ideas, the more the better!  Please comment below with your ideas!  Thank you!! ❤ Penny

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The weirdest thing has been happening in Frisco, Texas.  There have been 6 (that I know of) aggressive coyote attacks on humans!  From my experience, coyotes are normally afraid of humans and will avoid them.

There is an article HERE about some of these attacks that you can read.  It’s not that these people were provoking the animals.  They were actually stalked and attacked!

Frisco is NOT a tiny town out in the wilderness.  It has a population of more than 177, 000 people and is only about 30 miles north of the mega city, Dallas (1.3 million).  Another fact: several of these coyotes have been shot and killed, then tested for rabies.  They’ve all tested negative for rabies.

This is totally out of character for these animals.  There are all kinds of guesses as to what may be causing them.  People feed their animals outside, garbage cans, etc., etc.

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2 thoughts on “Coyote Attacks-Input Needed!

  1. Another fact you might find interesting: Sometimes a domestic dog will be accepted into a coyote pack. After mating these part-coyote, part-dog pups are known as coydogs. Several years ago while living in Mexico Beach, FL (yes, THAT Mexico Beach) my wife and I had a few coyotes and a coydog wander across our back property on a few occasions. This always happened around dusk. This animal looked much like a big black German Shepherd, but the face was more pointed, like a wolf or coyote. What was so striking were his/her eyes. They shined like bright gold, almost as if they were glowing. A beautiful animal, but as wild as the rest of its pack. 🙂


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