My Wife the Artist

Please enjoy Paul’s lovely poem.  A loving tribute to his wife and her artistic talents.  ❤

Poesy plus Polemics

glass Stained Glass Window by The Vinery Glass Studio

stained glass gardens

humiliate real flowers

prismatic pieces

split rays of the sun

into factions of color

spears of morning who

penetrate petals

light bursting in blooms

upon patterns of

soldered seam joinery

lifting the life through

each intimate window

each mouth-blown

and delicate glazing

to place its artisanal

kisses on eyelids

who quiver awake

ever grateful for love

in the form of esthetic

affectionate gifts from

the generous capable

hands of a craftswoman

conqueror partner

whose heart captured

mine half a century

since and still now

more than ever her

tending and tenderness

making the all of my days

stained glass gardens

From my book Ephemera

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