Denial (2)

Who else

Would pull me to my feet?


Who else

Could understand

The depths of my despair?


When all was


You shed a light

And I would

curse you

for daring

to bring the sunlight


I stumbled down the trail

And you lit the path


Yours was the hand

On my shoulder

When I needed



Yours were the whispers

Of encouragement


Denial and disbelief

Muddied my thoughts


You persisted

Ever so lightly


You knew


I would come to you

Only to turn away

Again and again


Doubts big and bold

Held me tight


Darkness would

Come over me again

As I tumbled back down

The rabbit hole


You were there

To draw back the curtain

And allow the light in


You would extend a hand

Only to have me

Push it away


How many times

Have I rejected you?


Denied you?


Despite my flaws


My arrogance


And stupidity


You saved me

From myself

Over and over


How can I deny that?

 © 2018 Penny Wilson


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