I Am Enough-Version 2

*I’ve had some suggestions about a few of my pieces from a friend.  I’m taking those pieces and reworking them.  So you may see some things here that look familiar.  I feel this new version of I Am Enough flows better and makes more sense.  I hope you enjoy it.  ❤  

You told me to toss away

the masks


I showed

my true self


You adored the sass

and the fight


After the mask

was cast aside


What remains?


You chipped away

at my shields


I thought they

would keep me



The shields were

left behind



were bought down



Brick by brick

they fell away


The dark corner

I had once

retreated to


Is now bathed

in a glorious



What remains?


What remains is a





I no longer


the shadows


I now appreciate

the fight

and the sass

inside me


I stand


in the light and

take what

is rightfully



I like who I am




I am



Copyright © 2018 Penny Wilson

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