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New House and The Move

Things are progressing on the house.  I’ve scheduled a moving company to move me. That will happen on the 14th of next month.  I think that’s gonna be a little cheaper than I thought (thank heavens).  I’ve been coordinating all the work that needs to be done before I move in.

The sellers had a dog and I don’t think they Ever cleaned up a pile of poop. Before I turn Rocket loose in the yard, I have to get that cleaned up.  My backyard is pretty big, so I hired a pooper scooper service.  Yes, in the big city there is such a thing! 🙂  That will happen next Tuesday.

I am having a garage door opener installed.  I’m meeting the guy there on Friday to look it over and probably go ahead and install.

I’ve got a yard guy coming to look at some trees I need to have trimmed on Saturday.  The ones in the front overhanging the driveway are so low, they almost touch the roof of my car. The grass is already very high and needs to be mowed.  I do not own a mower, yet.  So I’m gonna talk to the yard guy about mowing for me for a while.

Then, I want the place clean before I move in.  Also on Saturday, I’ve scheduled a carpet shampoo company to come in and clean the rugs.

I will still need to give the kitchen and bathroom a complete cleaning before the move.

There is a nice wooden deck/patio on the back of the house.  The deck needs a good cleaning and needs to be sealed and stained.

All in all, the closing didn’t cost me as much as I had budgeted.  Good thing, because of all of this other stuff that has come up.  And there will be more. This is just a start.

$Garage door opener, $Carpet Shampooed, $Pooper Scoopers, $Tree Trimming and Mowing, $Carpet Shampooed at current residence.

Plus, there seem to be a million little things that I need but did not have.  Garden hose, sprinkler, push broom.  I’ll need to get the locks re-keyed. etc., etc., etc……

Meanwhile, at my current residence, I have piles of boxes everywhere!  Every room.  I’ve given notice.  THAT is another whole kettle of fish.  The stipulations on my lease in order for me to get my deposits back will have me jumping through many hoops.  ….oh joy.  I will need to clean everything and have the carpets shampooed, once I’ve moved out.

I’m glad that Labor Day weekend is coming up.  I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend!  hahahahahaha!!  🙂

Despite everything, I know that I am incredibly blessed.  I’m so excited about this next chapter in my life!

Thanks for coming along for the journey!  Penny ❤


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