Internet Dating Sucks

Internet Dating Sucks.  I don’t care what site you try, they all suck.  Internet dating has done nothing but make the process of dating even worse.  You are now a commodity.  You’re disposable, because the jerk that just “ghosted” you is scamming on 4 or 5 other women at the same time he’s been talking to you.  Women are no better.  They have picked up the same deplorable habits.

For those of you that are unaware, because of the internet, when someone is online looking for a prospective mate, they now have not just a few possibilities, but hundreds, possibly thousands!  You may think this is a good thing, but it’s NOT.

Because of the vast number of possible partners out there, internet dating has turned into this very ugly thing.  People will not make a commitment.  I’m not talking about walking down the aisle.  I’m talking about dating a person, or persons, to see where that relationship is going to go.  They can’t do it.

There is too much Candy out there.  People become addicted to the rush.  They become addicted to the whole process.  Meeting someone, the online pictures, texting, etc., etc.

I’ve been “Ghosted, Submarined, Catfished, Benched”, you name it and it’s probably happened.

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, Ghosting is when you’ve seen someone, possibly more than once, or you’ve communicated with them several times and everything is going fine.  Then, for no reason that you can figure out, they just vanish. Poof, they’re gone.  They no longer answer your calls or texts and they no longer try to communicate with you.  You’ve been Ghosted.

Catfished is when the person you are communicating with has a completely made up profile.  Everything from the  pictures to the occupation to the physical description, all made up.  I guess this is some kind of sick fantasy that they are acting out.  With you as the unsuspecting victim.  Sometimes these made up profiles are scammers trying to get money from you.

Benching is when you’ve dated someone a few times, but they suddenly will no longer see you in person.  They will continue to call or text you, but that’s it.  What they are doing is playing out other options, seeing other people.  But they want to keep you on the hook.

Submarining is when someone you’ve dated disappears, but then resurfaces weeks or even months later.  They act like no time has passed and have no apology for the disappearance.  This sometimes will mean that a secondary involvement that happened during or after being with you didn’t work out so they want to try it with you again.

There are other terrible dating trends too.  Cuffing Season, Breadcrumbing, Exing, Textationship, Cusioning and more.  I won’t go into all the explanations here.  If you are really curious a quick search will give you the answers.

I’m a mature woman.  I do not troll the bars.  My social circle is quite small.  I’m an introvert.  Generally, I go to work and come home.  Internet dating is not the answer.

I think that my time is better spent with my dog!

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I am a freelance writer that writes in several genres. I've had a successful blog with a growing and loyal following for more than 5 years. I've written articles for Counseling Directory .org, Introvert Dear .com, and WOW Women on Writing. My poetry has been published on Ariel Chart, a monthly online Journal and Spill Words Press. I'm currently working on my first novel. You can find more of my writings on my blog at: and follow me on Twitter @pennywilson123.
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48 Responses to Internet Dating Sucks

  1. I laughed so hard at “submarining”! I’ve never heard that term until now. Its also awful but funny. Online dating is so hard and takes sooooo much work. I’ve dated a lot- I’ve gone on lots of first dates, but nothing has stuck yet. The more I do it, the more I realize how hard it is to find someone you truly get along with because there are just so many people in the world. It can be overwhelming. Love your blog!


  2. kenslifesite says:

    Here’s the thing Penny, internet dating, like anything else is what you make of it. I have so many rants about internet dating after having done it for so long. I often wonder how many people go on dating sites but don’t actually use it. Don’t log on, don’t try to meet people, etc. They treat it like a gym membership they don’t use. I was on jdate for a long time, and I have to tell you, there were months I logged on and saw the same 2 (yes 2!) women logged on in my area every night. 1 barely wanted to talk to me, the other not my type. What’s the point of being on a dating site if you don’t use it? Much less the people who can’t receive messages because they are not paying members? Look, here’s the point. internet dating needs to be a tool for people, not the end all be all they make it out to be. Use the internet but get out of your house and go meet people. You’ll have better luck.


  3. Decemberlady78 says:

    UGH…I can sooo relate. Its terrible. I think online dating and these apps have ruined love and romance. Its made people lazy daters. Too much available for sure makes people indecisive and think that there might always be something better around the corner. Ive just given it up for like the 100th time, but this is it for sure this time. It was getting too depressing and making me feel insecure. Its not fun, and I dont like to do things that arent fun. Best of luck to the both of us! I have faith!!!


  4. phat50chick says:

    I had an online dating profile for 2 years. I referred to it as job interviewing and it could be time consuming and heart breaking. I wish blogging was big back then because I would have had a lot of fodder for a blog. I decided to not renew my subscription at the end of the month and I did wink at a guy that had just joined. Fast forward 12 years and we are very happily married and have carved a nice life for ourselves. Don’t give up. it’s like job interviewing – have certain features you won’t bend on, be flexible on others, and the players – block them. My husband is not the type of man I ever dated or found interesting (he wore jewelry and nice clothes and had a girlie side) but he’s the most wonderful thing to happen to me.


  5. ladyinthemountains says:

    Reblogged this on My Rants, Dreams, and Thoughts on Everything and commented:
    Real dating sucks, too, but we continue to try.


  6. ladyinthemountains says:

    No matter how you meet someone they can do some of these things. I have tried regular dating and internet dating for 4 years. I had one boyfriend I met through POF and though we didn’t work out, he was great. I have made many friends but there have been some bad dates and many frogs. Lots of ghosting. I keep thinking about giving up but keep haphazardly looking for a decent date again.
    I am reblogging, too.


  7. It’s not only with internet it also happens in day to day life too ….

    But I hope you get a special person in your life to make it more beautiful. While as @80smetalman said this experience will be like kissing few frog’s before you get one.


  8. Some of these terms are new to me – and how discouraging all this can be! I’m sad to hear it’s so frustrating. I hope you do find a special person so all of this can become a distant memory…


  9. Dee Kelly says:

    Dating in general is challenging! I recommend looking up Matthew Hussey. He wrote “Get the Guy” which I thought was great and he has all kinds of solid advice on dating through his website and YouTube channel. He helped me put a lot of things into perspective. I hope you find something that works for you!

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  10. I’m sorry for all of these negative experiences. Just to assure you that not all internet dating is bad, I know some couples who met online and are happily married.

    Some pretty awful stories exist out there, too, among people who met in person, without internet dating. Unfortunately, there will always be people who don’t care, who manipulate, who charm, who whatever…


  11. First, don’t lose hope. I met hubby of 20 years via the internet. Second, there are worse things than just you and Rocket hanging together forever 😉


  12. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Let’s hear from both sides of this issue?? Come read and see if you agree or not!!


  13. 80smetalman says:

    I was one of the lucky ones. I met my wife on a dating site that no longer exists. However, before I found my princess, I had to kiss a few frogs on the site. There were a few scare stories even then. There was a group of women who whenever one of the group met someone on line, others from that group would contact him to see if he was faithful. There were some men who were just as bad. If I was ever single again, I would stay away from internet dating.


  14. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™ and commented:
    Um……. sometimes the best solution to a problem (dating) can be right in front of you, but we sometimes miss the trees for that big forest.


  15. Oh dear I never realized internet dating has so many terms to it.


  16. Rough! I’ve never even heard of some of those terms before


  17. Michael says:

    Well i learned some new terms from all this Penny. But I tend to agree the loyalty you get from your dog will never be surpassed.


  18. all I can say is thank God for my old age – this year my bride and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary – we met in a Manhattan nightclub – back when it was so much easier


  19. Penny, Loved your post and can empathize to be sure!! So many new terms to learn. I hope there won’t be a quiz! I look at my Beloved when being left behind comes up and make her promise that I get to go first! She won’t. We both have expressed the horror show that is online dating or dating at all. I vote for the Notebook Option!

    Having said all that, we met online in 1998. She was very brave and contacted me without a photo. I guess my four word banner intrigued her! Ha! My personal opinion and advice to those seeking contact online is to try and find someone that was happily married forever until they lost their spouse to death and then email nonstop until they either fall away or have to meet you. I’m sure we were very lucky (winners in the lotto of love) but I’ve know quite a number of people that have found and have successful marriages from online dating. I think putting everything you are wanting out there should be designed to scare off Lookie Lou’s!

    I think if I was ever faced with being single again I think your solution is probably the best. Just be happy with our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

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  20. WaltPage says:

    Interesting post. You deserve better.


  21. colinandray says:

    You might find a conventional/traditional dating agency rather more predictable, in that they (the reputable ones) will personally do an initial interview with their clients which takes away some of the guesswork. I used one a long time ago with mediocre success, but it was expensive. Would I use one again? I doubt it. The cost did not justify the end result.


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