#Poetry For the Common Man (or Woman)

I spend a little time on WordPress almost every day.  I browse through my Reader Feed and try to keep up with my favorite bloggers.  In doing this, I read a wide variety of poetry.  The writing styles are as varied as the authors.  The authors tend to develop a “voice”.  Just as authors that write stories develop a voice, I find that authors of poetry do as well.

There are poets here who’s poems flow like music, others are quite philosophical.  Some are dark, while others are always filled with beauty and wonder.

Then there are the different kinds of poetry.  Some rhyme, some don’t.  There are Haikus and Tankas, freeform and other kinds too.

Some poems seem to make a statement.  Others leave me scratching my head.  There are some poems that I have to read more than once, to get the point.  The words may be lovely, but if I don’t get the why, then I get a little lost.

I find that a lot of my poems tell a little story.  Take Heaven Sent, for example.  A tiny story.

The thing that All of my poems seem to have in common is that they are all down to earth, plain English and easy to follow.

A few examples: Moon Child, Grasp, Good Teacher

  Maybe I should call my book “Poetry For the Common Man (or Woman)”.  Your feedback is always appreciated!

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

* Day 7 of my post a day, 30 day challenge! 🙂



14 thoughts on “#Poetry For the Common Man (or Woman)

  1. I love your poetry, Penny. I also find obscure poetry difficult, although I do try to get its meaning. A down to earth style is more to my liking. Have a good day! 🙂


  2. I like that concept–and title! I think accessible poetry gets the shaft in poetry circles some, and that’s a shame–and one reason why poetry doesn’t sell as well as it could. As I write this I’m looking at my copy of Billy Collins’s collection _The Rain in Portugal_–even the title is simple but brilliant. We all have our own unique voices, and I think you’re cultivating a lovely one!


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