I Won’t Go

You sneaky bastard. You won’t take me.  I won’t go. Many have gone before me at your hand.  You caught me at my weakest in the past and you took control of my life, my thoughts, my very breath.  You took the sun, the warmth and the joy from my heart.

But no more. I am stronger than you realize and I will not cower to you.  I will not succumb to your black soul.  Your vile breath has been felt on my neck as you wait to pounce. I recognize your stench.  It is the smell of despair and loss, of hatred and loathing.

I have the light on my side.  Love, forgiveness and kindness are it’s foundation and you will not shake that foundation.

You will not take me.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

*This is a work of fiction.  No worries my friends! 


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