I feel a little like the poor wounded potato in the picture above.  (I like this picture and this gives me another excuse to use it!) I took a couple of days off work in order to have a medical test done.  No worries, routine stuff.  And Boy have I ever paid for it!

The day before my test, I got maybe 3 hours of sleep.  The next night, I got Zero.  So on the 3rd day of my “time off” I am running on empty and my head feels like it was stuffed with cotton.

I tried to take a nap on that 3rd day, but my little dog Rocket would have none of it! (sure, sure, he looks sweet and innocent!)  Can’t you just hear him?  *Mommy’s home!  Let’s Play Mommy!*

When you have a pet, (at least a pet like mine) or a two year old, you do NOT get to sleep late on the weekends.  You do NOT get to nap during the day!

So please forgive my absence from WordPress lately.  I am still trying to play catch up here a little bit.  But soon, I should be back to normal (whatever THAT is) and be posting more of my riveting writing.  🙂

I hope all is well with all of my WordPress peeps.  You are missed!




23 thoughts on “Stats

      1. Actually, my name is Mike. I used the Toby because I used to teach a child with that name who was always saying he was going to chop people with a chainsaw.


  1. Get some sleep! 😉 Yeah, I’ve seen stas like that. I’m blogging a little less than last year, but that 20% less posting/reading = a 50% cut in traffic`…. Just the way it works.


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