Is Your Loved One an Introvert?

I wrote an article for Introvert, Dear .com sometime back about recognizing and dealing with a loved one that is an Introvert.  Introvert, Dear .com has been kind enough to Repost that article!

If you have a loved one who may be an Introvert, this is information that may be helpful to you AND them in dealing with an Introvert.  If you would like to read my article, you can find it HERE.


9 thoughts on “Is Your Loved One an Introvert?

  1. Couldn’t leave the comment on the article there so I’m doing it here. You have portrayed the behavior of an introvert aptly cause I have been living with one for many years and learned my ways to handle it slowly. It was quite frustrating in the initial years but now I have realized that there are various other ways we can enjoy each other company than going out all the time.


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