When Lightening Strikes

It’s funny the way inspiration strikes.  Sometimes it’s just a word I hear or see in print.  One word.  It’s enough to snowball into a story or poem, or something totally different.  Like this post!

The past week or so I’ve struggled to find writing inspiration.  But when it happens… Bang!

Some of my best pieces have come from, what I would say is “instant” inspiration.  It’s like the piece is ALL there, all at once, in my head.  All I need to do is type it out.  These are few & far between.  But when they come it’s like lightening.  A flash.  I start typing and most of the time it only takes a few minutes.

These pieces are an adrenaline rush!  It’s great!

When I’m done, most of the time, I will sit there and scrutinize the piece.  I’m hesitant to post it.  I think, “It can’t be any good! It only took me 5 minutes to write that!”

These have ended up being some of my best pieces.  They get the most positive comments and people reblog them more.  It’s just crazy.

I just wish that lightening would strike more often!

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

21 thoughts on “When Lightening Strikes

  1. I love it when it happens. The fires of inspiration burn brightly in a writer’s mind😊💛 often coming from a single thought… A memory, a song title, a comment, a photo… So many inspiring memories that we have. 😊


  2. Yes, it happens most of the time with me. Actually, that’s how I write, in one go without stopping and then once I’m done, I just do the spell check. Can totally relate to you.


  3. Nice post.The same thing happens to me. I have writers block for days, and then I see something simple and unassuming. Since I write about everyday life, I always carry a pen and notebook with me. Some of my best inspiration is gained while driving or taking a walk. I just start frantically writing things down, before I forget them. Like you, if might only take five minutes to get my thoughts on paper.


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