Scratching That Itch

Writing is a salve for me; therapy.  It has been more beneficial than I ever imagined. For me, my “writing life”, I guess you could call it, took a major turn for the positive in May of last year. In May, I challenged myself to post something every day for a month. I think I missed a couple of days, maybe 3. I don’t remember. What I wrote mostly, was absolute crap.

I would come to the keyboard because I had promised myself that I would. Not because I had any real spark or desire to do so.  Some days I would sit there and just stare at the screen, hoping for inspiration.  Sometimes it came, most often, it didn’t.

But, I kept at it; and at the end of that 30 days, I was hooked.

Now I itch to get to the keyboard. I crave it, need it. It has become very important to me.  Some days, it’s one of the reasons I’m excited to get out of bed and start my day!  Writing has given my life purpose that it never had before.

I’m a Writer.  It’s what I do.

So, here I sit, scratching that itch.  Thanks for reading!  🙂

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

18 thoughts on “Scratching That Itch

  1. It is definitely an itch that must be scratched! I think I’ve told you that I do my writing in a notebook, the old fashioned way. I keep it on an end table next to my living room chair and write bits and pieces in it every day and evening. I may not post a piece everyday, but I do write. When a piece is done, I then type it in a word processing program, format and edit it, then copy and paste it to WordPress, where I add a featured image, categories and tags, preview it and then publish or schedule it. Some would say it creates more work, which it does, but it’s a process that forces me to look at a piece several times before publishing. It works for me 😊💛

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