What Scares Me

A fellow blogger here, Breathwords, has a Wonderful blog!  It’s filled with beautiful poetry and other amazing things.  Be sure to check it out.  The reason I bring up my new-found friend, is because of a recent revelation.  They say “write what scares you”.  I’ve done that a little bit, but I’ve always held back, not liking what was coming up on the page.

I was poking around on Breathwords blog and found something she wrote to be quite profound.  “I started writing at a young age to work through feelings I didn’t dare tell anyone. I learned that once you start writing, it becomes a part of you. It’s something you always go back to whenever you are overwhelmed with certain emotions. People don’t always listen to your words, but the paper always listens to the pen.

Beautiful and so wise.

I mentioned in a recent post that my WIP needs to be rewritten.  One thing that was holding me back on the old version is that there were dark places that the story took me that I didn’t like.  These are MY words, coming from MY head and that scared me.

I’m determined that the new version of my WIP will be the story it deserves to be.  To hell with what scares me.

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

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