Blogging Etiquette

In my post on 10 Tips For a Better Blogging Experience  I mention ways to Share,  give credit, etc.  These are all great things to pay attention to.  But what do you do when a follower gets a little out of hand?

Way back when, I started this blog all over again from scratch!  I was foolish enough to give a man I was dating the link so he could see some of my writing.  He became a stalker!  I ended up completely deleting my blog.  It was a hard lesson to learn.

I’m not having that kind of issue now, but this person have really stepped beyond the usual bounds of social etiquette.

Have you ever had a follower make you feel uncomfortable?   What did you do?

13 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette

  1. Wow, that’s a scary occurrence! I’m sorry to hear you had to delete your entire blog just to keep him away, Penny. 😦

    Im grateful to be one of the lucky ones who have nice followers like yourself! I hope you don’t encounter any more scary ones nowadays. 😀❤️


  2. I’ve had a few trolls leave nasty comments on my blog, not just for me but aimed at other bloggers as well. As I moderate all comments before they appear on my blog, they don’t end up in the comments section of my blog, and I never respond to any of those comments. I mark them all as spam and then delete them from the spam folder. ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ is a saying I’ve heard said many times around the blogging world.


  3. Yeah, I have this guy who’s really creepy about my blog. He digs up posts that I delete, talks about me and my blog in a disparaging manner on his blog and social media sites, links other people to my blog, comments and trolls on my blog under fake identities and claims he’s filed a police report against me over things that were said on my blog. I filed a police report on him. WordPress doesn’t give an option for blocking people.


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