Creepy Vintage Halloween Cards

There are tons of images for Vintage Halloween Cards online.  It’s pretty easy to find them.  But have you really LOOKED at some of these?  They are down right Weird!!

Take this first one for example.  I get the devil and the bats.  But the wolf “costume”? And what the heck is that lion doing?  Weirdness for sure!

I found a few cards that seemed to mix Valentine’s Day in with Halloween.

I found several that referenced Seeing your True Love in a mirror on Halloween, some said by a Jack O lantern light.  This would ensure that you would be with that person.


I’m afraid to even ask!

A Halloween….angel?  Stepping out of a …walnut?  ??

What are these pumpkins doing to these poor kitties!  They are clearly upset!

And lastly… This poor guy has just had enough and is just looking for a place to rest his tired and sore feet!

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Images courtesy of Google Images

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15 Responses to Creepy Vintage Halloween Cards

  1. Professor K says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! So freaky!! I collect leather postcards from the early 1900’s and they are funny but also funky and at times, weird too!! I just love love love vintage things!!


  2. Sue Vincent says:

    We don’t do Halloween cards here… so I find these fascinating as they have preserved so many old stories and customs in the images. .


  3. An awesome selection, Penny. Some of them are really weird and I have never seen Halloween cards before. I do like the skeleton at the end though.


  4. This was great, and yes… very strange indeed. Good Fun!!!


  5. I agree they are extremely unusual but mesmerizing at the same time…. maybe that’s the Halloween spirit casting a spell on the receiver 🙂 fun post 🙂 thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween Penny


  6. WaltPage says:

    This is absolutely awesome! Great finds and I loved your questions, lol. Happy Halloween my friend. ❤💛


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