For the Love of Gargoyles


I’ve always had a fascination with gargoyles.  I don’t know why.  I love ornate architecture, old houses, etc.  Gargoyles were originally used on buildings to divert the water from the roof, so that the water would not run down the building and deteriorate the  mortar.  It was also suggested that they were meant to ward off evil spirits.

With Halloween being just around the corner, I hope you will indulge me as I add a bit of whimsy to this usually dark and sinister creature.  I’ve captioned each of the evil pictures below.  Enjoy!

hehehe, my pretty!

Oy!  My aching head!!

I’m a little nervous.  I meet her dad tonight!

The cable co. said between 10 and 2!  This is gonna take all freakin’ day!


Why?  Just…why?

Yes Mom, I put on my raincoat!!

**  I hope you enjoyed this.  If you have some fun captions for these, I’d love to see them.  Leave them in the comments below for me.  

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18 Responses to For the Love of Gargoyles

  1. Haha, great idea and a fun post!


  2. Mark Hodgson says:

    Love these..I guess it must have been fun to invent and sculpt these for the artist..


  3. Super fun and fitting captions.

    I had no idea gargoyles’ original purpose was to divert rain water.


  4. Hahahaaa!!! Hilarious!!!! Great pics as well, but how you went about filling in the spaces, was priceless.


  5. ” he he he my pretty” is my fave ❤


  6. WaltPage says:

    This is great! And timely! Well doe, you made me smile yet again 😃💛


  7. Linda Mims says:

    These are wonderfully spot-on! Morning chuckles are always welcome. Thanks, Penny!


  8. Lovely photographs, Penny.


  9. Professor K says:

    I ADORE these!!!!! And not to sound morbid, but there’s an old cemetery in my city with a bunch of old mausoleums and I love taking pics of those!! For your last pic caption…how about “I’M MELTING!!” 🙂


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