I Fall For Fall

I am one to say “I don’t like Fall”.  The trees lose their leaves.  It looks like they are dying.   Then there is the approach of winter.  The cold, the snow, brrrrr!

I spent most of my life in the Northwest.  The cold and the snow were nothing to laugh about in most cases.

Now I live in Texas.  It’s a whole different world.  My BFF in Oregon has already had snow and below freezing temps.  Here, I still have to run the A/C in the afternoon.

Sooner or later the fall “feel” comes over me and I’m into it!  Look at the gorgeous colors of the gourds & pumpkins in the picture above!

I’m ready to put another blanket on the bed.  I want to break out my cozy sweaters & scarves!

I haven’t had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte this year, but I have a Starbucks Gift Card in my wallet that I’m not afraid to use!

Are you ready for Fall?

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson

18 thoughts on “I Fall For Fall

  1. We’re prepping for winter here in Minnesota. Raking leaves. Cleaning flowerbeds. Pulling out the flannel sheets. Washing windows. Possible snow predicted on Friday, which ranks as too early for me. But then we did experience that historic Halloween blizzard back in 1991.


  2. FINALLY!!! Someone who understands! Being in Maine, I’d take heat over cold any day. Not that I can’t take the cold, it can get to -40F and C here. Isn’t it interesting that it’s at that point F and C are the same? I digress. Fall may be beautiful but is the harbinger of the long winter. It’s so nice that I have a kindred spirit. Send a bit of that warmth you have now my way. I don’t even need AC here any time of year!


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