Meet & Greet!

Are you looking to expand your readership?  Maybe make new friends or add new followers to your blog?  Well, now’s your chance!

If you would like to get a little more exposure on your blog, simply add a link to your blog in the comments below.  If there is a post you’ve already used and you would like to have a few more views than it has in the past, use that as your link below.

If you care to add a few words about your blog, please do!  (please keep it brief)

Please be sure to take a minute and check out some of the other bloggers here.  After all this is a Meet & Greet!  You might just make a new friend, or find a hidden gem!

I do have just a few restrictions to anything that is seen on my blog.  They are: NO politics!  (we see enough of that on TV)  NO religious topics! You have your point of view, I have mine.  Let’s leave it at that.  And lastly, let’s keep it PG13.

If you have any questions, you can use the Contact Page and shoot me a note.  Have fun!


About Penny Wilson Writes

I am a freelance writer that writes in several genres. I've had a successful blog with a growing and loyal following for more than 5 years. I've written articles for Counseling Directory .org, Introvert Dear .com, WOW Women on Writing and Ariel Chart, a monthly online Journal. I'm currently working on my first novel. You can find more of my writings on my blog at: and follow me on Twitter @pennywilson123.
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61 Responses to Meet & Greet!

  1. 3C Style says:

    Hi Penny,
    Great tool for new bloggers. I’m a French scientific journalist and a fashion blogger from Quebec, Canada. I write about sustainable clothing, eco-friendly fashion, give styling tips and every now and then I share my thoughts about specific topics related to the world around me. Here’s an example to one of those posts:
    Thanks for spreading the goodness


  2. Hi Penny,
    Nice Idea. I live near the English Lake District and my blog started out being about botanical art but it has undergone a change in recent weeks and has opened up to include mental health posts and a bit of fun. You can start out by finding out some things about me:
    All the best,


  3. MakeItUltra™ says:

    Hello everyone and thank you Penny for doing this! I blog about all things related to bettering mental health. Stop by and check it out!


  4. Nicolle says:

    Reblogged this on Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert and commented:
    Join the party, everyone! 🎊🎉🎈🎂🎊🎉🎈


  5. Nicolle says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, Penny! I’m a little late, but better late than never, right? 😀

    My blog “Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert” is about my thoughts and experiences as a highly sensitive introvert! I post about generally anything I think is interesting, which ranges from informational articles to video games and music. 😆📖🎮🎼

    My latest post is a short announcement about this month’s themed collaboration! (Link here: Every month, a few fellow bloggers and I publish our take on a particular theme on the same day, and this month it’s “Thank You, Professions!”

    I hope it interests you enough to drop by. 😀


  6. Hello, Penny and everyone. My blog has been about the old Hollywood days,my travels, and any topic that I feel the need to comment about. Please come visit me at theenglishprofessoratlarge.


  7. Frank Prem says:

    Hi Penny and friends.

    I only occasionally get to scoot around reading and came across your invite here, so thought I’d say hello.

    I’m living in a small town in Southern Australia, and mine is a poetry blog reflecting what I see and what I think. All the usual things. A recent poem, and my blog-site, is here:

    Thanks again for the invite and opportunity.




  8. I share my work at

    My Minnesota Prairie Roots blog focuses on places I go, things I do, people I meet, events I attend and more, all with a down-to-earth Minnesota bend. I am passionate about writing and photography and appreciate the many virtual and real-life friendships I have formed as a result of blogging.

    Through my images and words, I attempt to tell stories, many with a strong sense of place.


  9. any friend of penny’s is a friend of mine – her blog and her exuberant outlook on llfe are, in a word, delightful – my work is rather eclectic and often serious – you can find it at


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  11. notdonner says:

    Hey Penny! Dropping by with my latest creation My concoctions are a little observations of life, humor, and perspective. With wisps of dog hair. A lot of dog hair. Enjoy!


  12. Hi Penny! What a nice idea. For those who don’t know me or haven’t visited my blog, my name is Linda and I write over at Charmed Chaos. I write poems, and short stories. Here is a quick link:


  13. WaltPage says: Thanks for this opportunity! I’m Just a romantic old rock & roll drummer, US Air Force veteran and open heart surgery survivor, living the country life in Tennessee and writing my thoughts on love, life, music and whatever comes to mind. Creator on, blogger on WordPress and writer on Poetry Under Cover on Visit my website at


  14. David Santo says:


    I’m a screenwriter loaded with cool scripts and a pocket full of sunshine. My main social media jam is twitter…


    I post the occassional writing tip, but mostly I indulge in interweb chicanery.




  15. Roda says:

    Great idea, Penny! My blog is a mix of everything that brings me joy! From farming and gardening to a little fairy magic and inspiration… I am a creative soul! I love to paint and capture mother nature’s beauty through photography. The theme of my blog is simple…Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You! Welcome to my daily adventures!


  16. Kat says:

    I love the idea of a Meet and Greet, Penny! I can’t wait to visit the others who dropped in before me!!!Thanks for providing this opportunity- I needed something to get me jump started back into writing and this is perfect motivation! 🙂
    A quick intro- I’m Kat from Dandelion Fuzz. My blog has morphed into a mish-mash of different things- photography, quotes, parenting and grandparenting as well as anything that motivates me to write. My latest post falls under the parenting category-


  17. Hi Everyone I’m mainepaperpusher! Penny, thanks for giving us a chance to showcase our blogs. Mine is called Everyone Else Has the Best Titles and you can find it here My blog is based on humor, for the most part. I’ve shared some funny stories from my life and things that amuse me. I also have a couple of series. I’d love it if any of you wanted to submit a humorous post for my Guest in Jest series (just email and I also do a series of fun quotes. If that isn’t enough, we like to share interesting URLs, too. if you want to hang out with some fun people, come on over!


  18. Great fun. Here’s a recent post that got some good feedback on social media:

    Budgie’s Journal #79 – Bad Writing Advice

    I post whatever’s on my mind or plug my books and writing

    Follow me on Twitter too: @BudgieBigelow. I follow back (unless you’re spam).


  19. 80smetalman says:

    HI Penny, you’ve already reblogged a post from my Peaceful Rampage blog but I wouldn’t mind promoting my music one.


  20. Andrea says:

    Great idea!
    My blog is called “the Perks of being different”, where I share experiences in life where I have been treated or felt different.

    I’d be happy if people would like to read it:

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Hello Penny, I love meet and greets. Here is a link to a recent post of mine that was rather fun: I will pop back in later with some snacks for your visitors.

    Liked by 1 person

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