Crap Block

I don’t have writer’s block.  I’m writing.  But I’m not writing anything worth a damn.  I’m spewing crap onto the page.

I’ve got 5 or 6 things in draft, but none of it is worth seeing the light of day.

I have Crap Block.  My brain is blocked with nothing but crap and that is what lands on the page.

I want to write.  I’ve got the urge to write.  That itch that propels me toward the keyboard is there.  But what is happening between my brain and my fingertips is pure crap.

What’s the cure for Crap Block?

© 2017 Penny Wilson

10 thoughts on “Crap Block

  1. wish I knew – all I can say is that I have many hundreds of draft files of crap – I revisit them periodically and sometimes I even manage to rehabilitate one and publish it – but most just sit in my writing folders taunting me – some at 10 and 12 years old


  2. Walk away. Just walk away. Either don’t write or start something new. Often a break is all you need. Inspiration and creativity cannot be forced. When it works, it works. When it doesn’t, well, it’s crap. This happens. You will write again with that sweet flow of words from brain to keyboard.


  3. Penny,

    Imagine you’re walking through a snowy, magical forest. You come to a gorgeous, picturesque cottage. You enter and the rustic, warm atmosphere engulfs you…the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg fill your senses and you look in the corner of the cozy, perfect room and see… and old, wooden chest.
    You have the key.
    You slowly approach and unlock it. What’s inside ?


    Much affection,
    Maria X


      1. You’re welcome.
        It wasn’t a prompt, as such.
        I was just trying to get your brain gears going in a few different directions, deliberately jolt your senses to open up your mind to something different.
        So whatever popped into your mind about what was in the chest may be the key to uncrapping your brain up! 😂


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