Understanding An Introvert

I’m a Home-Body and a Book Worm.  I prefer quiet evenings at home as opposed to those spent out.  I do much better with one on one interaction than in a crowded room.

I can put on the perfect smile and don my best dress and I will be that perfect lady on your arm.  I’ll be charming, witty and entertaining.  I can host a family feast during the holidays or attend that lavish event you’ve been looking forward to all year.

I want to be asked.  I want to be included.  But a lot of the time, what will happen is that I will beg off, or not feel well that night so I do not have to attend.

If I am to play hostess, the house will be spotless, every detail will be attended to and I will start preparations well in advance.  I will probably make you crazy, fussing over every little thing.  I will make lists and check them twice, three times, or more; to be sure no detail is over looked.

An Event cannot be spur-of-the-moment.  I need time to prepare, not only physically, but mentally.

But after an event with people, not necessarily a lot of people, this is when I need my down time the most.  I want nothing more than to go home, possibly take a long bubble bath and spend a day at home in my pajamas.   This is my way to recharge.

If my phone does not ring for several days, this is not uncommon.  I have spent days of my vacation, doing nothing more than staying home and speaking to no one.  This is fine with me.

One of the nicest vacations I’ve had in years was one where I spent 3 days in a secluded cabin, overlooking a small lake.  There was hardly another soul around.  It was blissful.  I spent a good deal of my time sitting in a swing under a tree with a book watching the ducks out on the lake.

Do I get lonely?  If I really think about what is involved in interacting with other people,  especially on a daily basis, this is deterrent enough to not get involved with anyone.  So answering that question is not an easy one.  Yes, sometimes I get lonely.  But it doesn’t last long.   I have good friends, a terrific job and family that loves me.   I have a lot in my life to be thankful for.

I think the world need introverts.  The world is a very loud, angry place.  Introverts bring a little serenity and quiet to the world.

CC Licensed 9/1/17 Penny Wilson

21 thoughts on “Understanding An Introvert

  1. I intend because we wear’t express things outwardly as much as an extrovert would, we watch over more maybe, that’s why we spell. I’m an introvert and it’s finally dear to touch people who wear’t render to work me ashamed(p) of it.


  2. Great post! I wish people understood introverts more. I have been thinking more and more about taking a solo vacation. I ran it by a couple friends, and they just didn’t get it. But your description of the cabin overlooking the lake sounds perfect!
    I have written a post just recently about text messages as explained by an Introvert. If you fancy a read, hop on over to my blog. Would love if you left a comment with your thoughts.


  3. Life has molded me into an extrovert – most of the time. When I was a kid I was an introvert mostly because I was a lousy athlete & moved around a lot. Bravo at your ability to take life as it comes, then finding that quiet place to retreat to.


  4. Awesome post! I understand this very well because not only I’m an introvert, I’m a highly sensitive person as well so life certainly feels like the volume is turned up to high. I’m an outgoing introvert though, so people end up thinking I’m an extrovert whenIm not. 😅


    1. Welcome aboard! 🙂 WordPress is an incredibly supportive community. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but a LOT of writers are introverts. I think because we don’t express things outwardly as much as an extrovert would, we observe more maybe, that’s why we write. It’s a way to express what’s inside.


  5. To me it sounds like you are happy and content with your life. And that’s what counts, whether introvert or extrovert.

    I tend to be quiet when I am with my siblings and their families mostly because they are all (except one) big personalities. Then I might be considered an introvert. But with close friends and other people, especially one-on-one, I am an extrovert. It depends on the people and the situation.

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  6. I am also an introvert. What you have written here could have been my own words, with few exceptions. The world does need us. Someone has to provide all of the energy the extroverts require from others! We just need to recharge after all of that. We have a cabin in the woods on a pond. The sound of the loons talking to each other is plenty conversation for me.

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