Alien Invasion in Texas

There are aliens in Texas!  If this picture doesn’t make you think about an alien takeover, I don’t know what would!  This Cicada is working it’s way out of the skeleton shell it’s starts it’s life in.

  They leave these nasty, empty shells all over the place.  They are stuck to trees, walls, fences, everywhere!

Here’s one that hasn’t left his shell yet.  Looks prehistoric to me.

This last one is after the Cicada has shed it’s skeleton.  Once they are free from their shell, they spend most of their time in the trees.  They make this sound, especially when it’s hot that can be very loud.  The sound is sort of like static, but not quite.  There can be thousands of them in the trees making this sound.

I’ve been told that these things are harmless, but I would not hold one.  They look quite monstrous to me.  I’ve been in Texas about 6 years now and there are still things here that just amaze me!

Ah, life in the wild… State of Texas that is.  🙂

15 thoughts on “Alien Invasion in Texas

  1. This whole story has recalled that particular buzzing in my mind. My years in Tucson, Arizona during summer – and the occasional trip to San Antonio gave me plenty of that ‘alien sound’ to fill my dreams. Oh boy.


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