A Past Life

I grew up just after the hippie was cool.  I wore bell bottom, hip-hugger jeans, head bands and midriff-bearing tops.  Love beads.  My dad was furious with me because every time he took a photo, I was making the “peace sign” with my fingers in the air.  My mom was furious because every time she got rid of my too-short shorts, I managed to save them from the garbage men only to get caught wearing them again.  I wore flowers in my hair and I thought living in a commune would be a cool idea.

I thought the only thing you need in this world to be happy was your friends and love.

Girls were Just Starting to be allowed to wear pants to school.  Can you imagine?  At first the girls could wear “pant suits”.  Ugh.  But they eventually just gave up and let the girls wear jeans, pants, whatever.

A perfect summer day was spent in the park with your friends listening to a free concert or just hanging out.  That night, you would all pool your money so you could go cruising and hope that someone might score a bottle or two of Boone’s Farm from an older sibling.

Black light posters were popular.  Evenings were spent sitting in dark rooms with black lights watching each others’ teeth and eyes glow.  The music would be something deep and thought provoking.  Like Stairway to Heaven or Dark Side of the Moon.

The ‘cool’ kids were the mysterious loners.  The guy that would dare light a cigarette just as he stepped from class.  I was head-over-heels for a kid that wore a motorcycle chain as a belt on his pants.  So cool!!  But I was terrified for my dad to ever catch me with him.  He would put an end to it.

Eventually, Iron Butterfly gave way to The Carpenters.  The head bands were forgotten.  I don’t know what ever happened to the too-short shorts.  Maybe Mom finally got rid of them.  The black light posters were put away.

Making my way in the world, I’ve seen a lot of changes, not only in the world, but within myself.  Looking back, it’s as if I’ve lived several lives.  Each so different and distinct from the others.  This was just one of those lives.  I wouldn’t change a thing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

14 thoughts on “A Past Life

    1. Thank you for the Reblog. After looking at your blog, I do hope you understand that my post is not really about a “Past Life”. It happened a long time ago, that’s all I meant. Thank you for the follow too! 🙂 I followed you back. Your blog looks very interesting!


  1. You are making me wistful just reading these memories. I can relate to nearly everything you’ve shared here. Oh, how I wish I still had my Love Story poster, my smiley face bulletin board, my…But I still have my lime green pants. Was I really that slim at one time? These experiences, these memories all shape us as individuals and as writers.


  2. I wish I’d seen the sixties. I would’ve loved them I think. I also would’ve loved the twenties, fifties and seventies too but alas. All I had was big perms and shoulder pads. Sigh.


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