The Myth of Happiness

“Happiness is a fleeting moment of a day.  It’s not a state of being.  If you’re happy all the time, something’s wrong with you.  We are put on this earth to toil and make things.  Making the world a better place is not a happy job.”

–John Mellencamp

I saw this quote by John Mellencamp in my AARP magazine (blush, yes, I am THAT old!) and I thought it was brilliant!

Too many of us think that the world owes us happiness!  You Make your happiness in this world!

Let me give you a small example.  I’m headed down the road for a long drive, when I come across this:

In the tiny town of Malone, Texas is a Drive Thru Liquor Store!  Only in Texas, I suppose.  This cracks me up Every Time I drive thru this tiny town of 267 people.  I guess there’s not a lot to do in Malone.  🙂

I could be whining about the long drive.  I could be complaining about the heat that day, but instead, I do my best to focus on what makes me smile!  This drive takes me through some really beautiful country.

I know we all have negative things to deal with.  We All have Stuff.   That’s just life.  My point is this.  I hope that no matter what is happening in your life, you can find something in your day to smile about.




10 thoughts on “The Myth of Happiness

  1. There used to be a few of these around the Houston area but I am not sure if they are still around or not. Maybe I should read the AARP magazine and I would not miss out on these cute things LMBO… Sometimes smiling is hard I guess we should all do our best to fake it.


  2. I don’t believe that happiness is a myth so to speak; rather, it is a temporary emotion. Since my Forties, I based my life on the concept of “joy” which is a spiritual state of being. What happens to me in life — and a LOT has – would crush me if I continued to do all sorts of things to sustain an emotional high. I love small USA towns and faraway, non-tourist, destinations. People are genuine and often are better off in their core being than most of us ‘first world’ types.


  3. Ohio used to have a lot of drive through liquor stores. I used to hear stories about teh attendants serving you the first drink! They all disappeared in the late 80s or 90s when drunk driving laws became much harsher. That being said, where I live now, New Hampshire, the state runs the liquor stores and makes a big part of their income from them. So you see rest areas that are really liquor stores!


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