I’m Published!


I’ve written, pretty openly about depression and how it has effected my life.  Back in June, I did a post I called If Your Happy and You Know It.  https://pennylanewrites.com/2017/06/14/if-youre-happy-and-you-know-it/

This post has received more views than anything else I’ve ever written.  I think this really speaks to the fact that Depression is more wide spread than we realize.  There needs to be more awareness so that there is not such a stigma attached to it.

Someone at Happiful Magazine https://happiful.com/   saw the post and contacted me.  (an interesting website that you should check out) And although my piece was not quite what they were looking for, this individual connected me with their Mother Company called The Counselling Directory.

The Counselling Directory asked me to write something for them about my personal experience with Depression.  You can find what I wrote here:  http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/experience_208.html

While you’re there, spend a little time browsing their site.  There is a Ton of good information there!

This is the first time anyone has published Anything I’ve written outside of WordPress.  So I guess I can now say that I am a Published Author?  !!  😀

22 thoughts on “I’m Published!

  1. Fantastic you writer you!! I’m thrilled that they took the time and effort to track you down and put you in touch with someone who wanted to publish your work. That’s really special Penny! Well done!


  2. Congrats! It’s such an amazing feeling to have your work published. How exciting! I also think it takes at least a dash of bravery to write about depression. I’ve been struggling with it for some time now and have always used writing as an escape. To open yourself up and write about something so raw is an impeccable feat. I really appreciate you sharing your work and these links! Happy writing! 🙂


  3. Congratulations! You have been a published author since the day you started this blog. But getting your work out there to another place is exciting and commendable. Thank you for writing openly on the topic of depression. You are a strong woman who can clearly help others through her experiences. Keep writing.


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