This Bites!

I really really hate going to the grocery store.  The larger the store, in general, the less expensive the groceries are.  But do we have to give up common pleasantries in order to save a buck?  I usually frequent a “Mega” store for my once a week grocery trips.  I’m a thrifty girl.  But I’ve about decided that saving a buck is not always worth the hassle.

Below are some of my pet peeves about the “Mega” stores.

  • Only 2 checkers available in the whole store.  I have a huge cart full of groceries and there are only 2 check stands open.  These 2 check out stands also have people standing in them with huge carts filled with groceries.  Well, unless you count the 20 items or less lane or the self-check out machines.
  • Self-check out machines that Never work.  I have YET to have my self-checkout experience at a grocery store go without a problem.  Something Always goes wrong.  Always.  Then I have to stand there waiting forever until someone comes to clear the damned machine so you cam finish scanning your groceries.
  • Crappy grocery carts.  I had a boyfriend at one time that actually forbade me from choosing the grocery cart.  I never get a good one!  It’s the grocery Karma Gods.  I swear.  They hate me.  I’m that person in the store that gets the cart with the God-awful squeaky wheel that the entire store can hear. Every stinkin’ time!
  • The Person Behind You in Line Invading Your Personal Space.  Ever have this happen?  The cashier JUST tore my receipt off the machine and hands it to me.  I’m trying to get it and my debit card back into my wallet where they belong, but the person behind me in line is in such a freakin’ hurry, they’re inching up behind me.  The checker has already greeted them and is about to start scanning their items.  I’m courteous enough to step ahead and stand at the end of the check out line so Gram Gram can get her Tabby his kibble home in a timely manner.  Do I have time to look over my receipt before the checker is on to the next person? No.  Would I have time to count my change if I had paid cash? No.  
  • Not being able to find help when you need it.  
  • Not being able to find an item that was on THIS isle just last week, but they moved it. 
  • Two people in the middle of the isle (usually women) having a gab fest, oblivious to the people trying to get by them.  

Did I mention that I really really hate going to the grocery store?

–Penny Wilson

20 thoughts on “This Bites!

  1. It’s bad enough when people stop in the aisles and are ignorant of fellow shoppers trying to pass, but I hate it when the cashiers do it. I double hate it when they go into a long chat with my husband who is more than happy to chat…while a dozen people get backed up. Geez! He knows everyone because he was a mailman forever and his old customers love seeing him, but to do that when it’s busy is just awful. Of course, when I’m starting to get fed up with him, he realizes that most of the people in the line know him and the whole checkout line joins in. Have I mentioned that I’m an introvert? 🙂


  2. I’ve experienced all of these, except the boyfriend who forbid cart selection. I hope you ditched him pronto. Way too controlling.

    I mostly shop at my local Aldi, a super small store with four or five short aisles (can’t quite remember). The prices beat any other grocery store in my community, including at a mega discounter (aka Wally World). However, Aldi does not always have everything I need, which necessitates a stop at another store for some items. Still, it’s my first stop due to the compact size and incredibly low prices.


  3. You make some sound points! I do all of my shopping online now -it’s a lot more convenient with a toddler. Doesn’t mean I don’t rant at customer service 2-3 times a month,though!😂


  4. I can relate to this, however, the 2 grocery stores we frequent do fairly well. Every now and then they’re messy which is usually the fault of the customers. I feel some of the smaller stores are better.


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