Muse, Friend, Companion and Spoiled Baby

I’ve written about my little dog, Rocket, several times here.  He is pretty much my constant companion and a never ending source of inspiration.

I decided I needed a proper work area for my writing.  Figuring that I would be more productive.  So I came up with this:

It’s working out pretty well.  It gets me away from the TV and it’s much better on my back than sitting hunched over the keyboard in my lap, or sitting up in bed.  Although I am still looking for a better chair.

Usually, while I’m writing, Rocket is right there beside me, snuggled up against my side.  He asks only for the occasional scratch or a tummy rub and a few words of adoration.  That’s very little in payment, considering the muse that he has become.

The table pictured above, is in my dining room.  Rocket is not very happy with the new arrangement.  He has come to the doorway several times, looking up at me quizzically, making a few tiny sounds to get my attention.  (he’s Very quiet)

He finally moved off to do his own thing and left me to get back to my writing.  I’m plucking away at the keyboard, deep in thought, when I look up and see this:

 I guess Rocket decided that if he couldn’t be with me, he could at least watch me.

This of course pulled at my heart strings.  I got up, gave Rocket an affectionate rub and put my walking shoes on.  This had Rocket dancing around me in delight!  Going for a walk is one of his favorite things to do.

A small price to pay for such a happy and inspirational muse.

Rocket is tuckered out after his walk.  He’s taking a nap.  But I know once he wakes up, he will again be staring a hole in me, wanting to be by my side.  It’s pretty easy to see how we can spoil our pets.

Maybe I can put one of his little beds under the table here at my feet.  Hmmmm…..

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