Time Enough

Look up an episode of the Twilight Zone online.  I believe this episode is called “Enough Time.  Then you’ll understand why I used this picture.

Those of you closer to my age will get it immediately.

I have been doing a lot more writing over the last few weeks and I’m having a great time doing it!  I am even back plucking away at one of my Books that has been gathering dust!

My biggest challenge is finding the time!  I work full time and find it difficult squeeze in enough time to write on weekdays.

On the weekends I am a little more productive, but I still need to take care of those weekend chores.  You know, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

Funny, I treat my writing like a “treat” or “play time”.  I won’t let myself sit down to write until I’ve finished my chores.

How do you do it?  How do you get in enough time to get your writing done?

10 thoughts on “Time Enough

  1. I try to put in at least an hour or more every day to writing. Some days I’m lucky and manage to put in 2 or 3, though sometimes I have the time, but lack the mental focus to use it well.

    I’ve tried squeezing in time first thing in the morning, but I often find it easier to write when I either decide that “everything else” can wait until tomorrow, or that I’ve completed enough for today. I hope to gradually work myself up to a full 4-8 hours of writing in a single day, partly as a proof of concept that I could do this as a full time job if the money was there, but sometimes focus can be a real challenge.

    On some level, no matter how much time there is, I think there will always be a desire for more. Ideas are plentiful, and it often takes far longer to refine one idea into a full completed piece than it does to conjure the idea in the first place. I often find that the process of working on one story stirs up a dozen or more “rejected” ideas; ideas that just don’t fit into this story, but still need to be jotted down in the big list of ideas, just in case they fit somewhere else, someday.

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      1. Well a lot of that can be perception. I think many artists judge themselves harshly because they’re both the worker and the taskmaster. I’ve known quite a few writers who accomplish more in an hour than I do, so who’s to say who’s really ahead in the end?
        And in many ways comparison is a mistake. We’re all struggling in our own ways to walk the path.

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  2. An enjoyable post Penny except for one important item overlooked: the character Henry Bemis ( portrayed by Burgess Meredith) ends up with all the time in the world BUT also winds up killing himself because his glasses broke. An ironic and cruel twist of fate to be sure.

    The anti social Mr Bemis forgot to remember that other people in our lives are essential to accomplishing our our personal.goals whatever that may be.A quick trip to his optometrist and lens crafting center would have made his life more tolerable at least for a few years.

    He was the near sighted librarian whose own intellectual myopia forced him to forget that his reading glasses formed a major part of his recreational pastime.

    Failure to read the fine print if you will forced him to face the option of either personal insanity or suicide.

    his was not really the story of old age but rather the cautionary tale of using your time wisely and cultivating personal relationships that will endure beyond global catastrophes.

    You Penny could purchase an hand held personal recorder to dictate your thoughts and then hire a typist to transcribe your thoughts into a file for you.

    Although allowing your personal muse to take control of your life you are the ultimate arbitrator as to how you will utilize this creative influence in your life.

    Take time to smell the roses and record your thoughts while sipping that chilled glass of Chardonnay.

    Cheers mate and food luck to you in your endeavors.


  3. I am waiting for the 36 hour day combined with the 8 day week and 4 day work week with 5 hour work days. THEN maybe I’ll have about 1/4 of the time I want to write 😉 It is hard to fit it in. When I get on a roll, other things take a back seat. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t watch TV, usually read the news on breaks from work and don’t socialize in the ‘real world” as much as I should.

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