To FaceBook or Not to FaceBook

I’m confused.  I know, I know, nothing new, right?  I’ve been putting more effort into writing and promoting my blog recently, but I’m at a dilemma.  I recently deleted my FaceBook page.  (Horror!)  I just find it to have too many negative connotations.

So…  Do I create a Penny Lane’s Thoughts Fan Page?

I really need your input!

It seems you can’t do anything these days without FaceBook!

Thanks everyone!


6 thoughts on “To FaceBook or Not to FaceBook

  1. I have FB but I don’t use it much at all for writing connections. I stick with WP and Twitter for that. FB is just for family and friends. I have a FB page for my writing but have only a handful of followers. I wouldn’t bother with it if I had to start over from scratch, but as it’s already there, meh.

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  2. It’s a tough call. I have a Facebook page for my blog but I think everyone who likes it are people who follow my blog here so I’m not sure it’s doing me any good or reaching new people. I haven’t really worked hard to promote the page though.

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